Chapter one
The struggles of life
The raindrops kept penetrating through the newspaper cuttings that were glued on the woody wall. The beddings which were on the floor were almost soaking wet. The unwashed utensils from the previous day’s meal were stuffed in one corner of the room. Clothes which could easily be mistaken for rags were scattered all over the place making the room seem very much disorganized and dirty. It was almost getting dark and the rain was subsiding around Mukuru kwa Njenga slum area. Wanga walked into the house looking hungry and tired. He had spent all day selling sweets around the vicinity of his neighborhood with no luck. He put down his box of sweets and sat down on the floor in the middle of the room since it was the only place which seemed dry enough. As he looked around the room, he could not hold back his tears. Life kept getting worse each day no matter how hard he tried.
As he sat on the floor, his deep thoughts led him to the time when he left the village for the city. He was really positive about life. His fellow villagers kept talking about the good life that people lived in the city. This made Wanga to yearn for the city life. His friend Rico had mentioned that he would be leaving for the city in some few weeks time to look for a job and Wanga saw this as a perfect opportunity to also leave the village life and start a new life in the city. Wanga was the only kid to his parents who were involved in a road accident when he was doing his final year in primary school. The incident paralyzed his studies as he was not able to continue with his education ever since. He started doing manual works for a small pay that could sustain him until he started getting fed up with the village life.
A loud bang on the door startled Wanga from his deep thoughts. “Who is it?” he asked angrily. “You better lower your voice young man! I am here for my rent money”. A voice was heard from outside. Wanga bit his lower lip. He had managed to hide from the landlord since the beginning of the month because he was not in a position to pay up his rent as his hawking business was not doing well. He used to sell polythene bags to women in the market but ever since they got banned, he could not find any other suitable business to do apart from hawking sweets.
“I am so sorry sir, I was deeply asleep. I did not mean to shout at you” he said as he opened the door slowly.
“Wanga, what date is it today? Do you want me to throw you out? Where do you think I get the money to sustain myself and my family?” Wanga’s landlord kept shouting at him while trying to peep inside the house to see if there was any valuable item that he could confiscate.
“Just give me until tomorrow sir, I will bring the money to you myself” Wanga said knowing pretty well that he will have to come back late the following day to avoid paying up his rent. Business was really down and the little money he had made, he planned to use it as transport money to town the following day so that he can at least find some more customers. People around Mukuru wa Njenga area, either do not like sweets or they were too poor to waste the little money they had on such.
“Young man” the landlord said pointing at wanga, “if I don’t get my money by tomorrow evening, I will break down this door, throw everything you have outside and rent in another tenant. Is this your father’s house where you live for free? Tomorrow I want my money, or else…” he whistled, turned around and left. Wanga felt like picking up a stone and crushing the landlord’s skull from behind but with the little energy left in him, he just made some funny faces with his mouth then went back inside the house.
The following morning, Wanga was woken up by hunger pangs that could not allow him to lie down peacefully. He looked for some water to drink and wash his face and by that he took his box of sweets and left for town. The town had a lot of people walking around from every corner. Wanga immediately made his way to the bus stage where he knew he would get willing buyers.
After moving up and down all day, Wanga started making his way to the stage. The day’s sales were quite impressive considering it was his first time to sell sweets in town. As he was just about to cross to the other side of the road, he heard someone shout his name from behind. He turned his head trying to see who exactly was calling him.
“Ricoooo,” he shouted happily not knowing whether to put his box of sweets down and hug him or just shake hands like normal men do. Rico came straight to where he was and hugged him excitedly.
“Wanga my brother, how have you been? Where have you been hiding all this time? You can’t even call to say hi to your long lost friend?” Wanga just stared at Rico, smiling sheepishly wondering where on earth he would even get the money to buy a phone and call Rico.
“Tell me man, where are you headed?” Rico asked as he tried to peep inside the box to see what Wanga was carrying.
“I was on my way home from my daily hustles. You look so good my friend. Is it really you?” Wanga asked as he patted Rico’s left shoulder playfully. He could not help noticing how smartly dressed Rico was. He looked like he was actually rich.
“Come on brother, of course it is me. Can I buy you a bottle of beer as we catch up? It is quite early to go back home now.” Rico offered and Wanga immediately agreed. He could not remember the last time he felt the taste of beer in his mouth. The only thing that he manages to drink with the kind of money he earns is Muratina which usually knocks him out when he is on his second cup and when he wakes up later in the morning, he usually regrets drinking that poison in the name of alcohol as his mouth usually tasted as if he had been consuming sewage water the previous night.
They made their way into a small club which was just around the corner and Rico told Wanga to order anything we wanted.
“To be honest man” said Wanga, “I have not eaten anything all day. I am very hungry, can i…”
“Hey bro, just order anything man. Food, drinks, water, don’t worry, I got you covered”.
Wanga could not wish for more, it felt like Christmas. Free food, free drinks, what more can he ask for really. As the waiter brought the food, Rico excused himself to receive a call. As he was talking, Wanga looked at him quite closely. He couldn’t help noticing how smart his friend looked. Even his phone looked like it could pay up his whole year rent. He then looked down at his box of sweets and his dirty clothes and just wondered what he did to God to deserve such kind of life.
“So what do you do for a living bro”, Rico asked Wanga as he was making his way back to his seat. “I can see you with a box of sweets, are you a hawker or something?”
Wanga smiled sadly and narrated his sorry life to his friend without sugar coating anything. He was really tired of the city life and he was actually opting to go back to the village.
“I am so sorry Wanga, I had no idea that you were going through all this. Ever since we lost connection years back, I thought maybe you found a good job. Why didn’t you look for me?” Rico asked with a concerned tone in his voice.
“My friend, how could I start looking for you in such a city with no phone or any leads to your whereabouts?” Wanga replied.
“Don’t worry Wanga, I can help you if you are willing. You are like a brother to me. I would hate to see you suffer while I am in a position to help. How about you come and work for me and my team? It is much better than what you are doing now.” Wanga almost choked from the drink he was gulping down his throat.
“Are you serious Rico? You are offering me a job? You really don’t have to ask twice. Yes I will come to work for you. When do I start?” Wanga asked excitedly in disbelief.
“Tomorrow is fine with me, we can meet up in town then I take you to meet my other business associates. The details about the job can be discussed tomorrow when all my associates are present”. Wanga could not believe his luck. There was indeed a God. His suffering days were over. He felt like kneeling down and kissing his friend’s feet but he decided to shake his hand instead.
“Thanks bro, you have no idea how much this means to me. God bless you” he said still shaking Rico’s right hand vigorously. They continued drinking until around ten at night when Rico paid the bills and gave Wanga a thousand shillings note to cater for his transport back home. Wanga was overjoyed. He could not wait to get back home and pay his rent no matter how late it was since he had enough money now. They exchanged their goodbyes and Wanga made his way home feeling quite happy and satisfied. He could not wait for morning to come. Hopes started building up, hopes of a better tomorrow, hopes that his suffering days were coming to an end.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Rico made his way to where he had parked his car feeling quite happy. His business was on the verge of bankruptcy and Wanga happened to be his only hope. Being his good friend since childhood, he was quite optimistic that Wanga was going to be a loyal employee unlike those he had dealt with before.
As he drove home, he passed by the supermarket to buy some snacks for his baby girl Tamina. The thought of her made him smile. Ever since she was born, he felt like he became a whole new person and felt the urge to keep fighting for a better life just to make Tamina’s life as comfortable as possible. His wife Mona was another different story that he never liked to think of. As he bought the snacks, he also bought some few toys and within no time he was already on his way home.
“Why haven’t you been answering my calls? It is already late, Tamina is asleep”. Mona, Rico’s wife blurted out as he walked in the house after parking his car outside. “Where have you been? I called your office only to be told you left hours ago.”
“I am sorry Mona, I never heard my phone ring. I was meeting up with a friend…” before Rico could finish what he was saying Mona jumped in full of rage.
“I knew it! Lillian could never have lied to me. You were seen at some restaurant in town buying drinks and having a ‘good time’ with some lady! Or you thought I would never find out about your cheating affairs? And you think these toys and snacks you always buy for Tamina are going to blind me? Rico!” at this point Mona’s voice could be heard from a distance.
Rico looked at Mona for a moment then made his way to the bedroom without a word. “Rico! Don’t you dare walk away from me when am talking to you! Who was that woman? Oooh! So now Rico cannot talk huh? Why is that? Is it because I finally caught you and you can’t defend yourself? Huh?”
“Mona, come on! I have no idea…” Rico tried talking.
“Don’t Mona me! What is wrong with you men? Am I not enough for you? What does that other woman give you that I don’t? huh? Talk to me Rico!”
Knowing his wife quite well, Rico knew she will never listen to him even if he glued her lips together. The best he could do was ignore her and go take a shower hoping she will be asleep by the time he comes from the shower. He undressed, took a towel and started walking to the bathroom.
“Rico! What type of man are you huh? Can’t you man up and try to defend yourself? Look at you! Why are you going to shower huh? I can even smell her all over you.” She said as she tried to push him away, blocking him from getting out of the bedroom door. Rico felt a pang of anger rush through his body as he tried to control himself.
“Move away from the door woman! I don’t have patience for your nonsense!” he shouted back at her and started moving towards the door again.
“What are you going to do huh? Beat me up? Kill me? I will sue you and take custody of Tamina! I dare you to try! You don’t even deserve to be called a father. What father? A father who sleeps with women all over town? A father who…” before she could finish, Rico pushed her aside vigorously and made his way out of the room towards the bathroom.
“You stupid man! I will call the police on you and report you for domestic violence. Why did I even agree to marry an animal like you? Suddenly she started crying silently murmuring words to herself. Rico could hear her crying as he took his bath. He still never understood why he married Mona. She was all drama put in one. Her friends were the worst…especially Lillian. He hated that woman and she knew it. He had warned Mona to get rid of her but as usual all his words usually fell on deaf ears.
By the time Rico was coming from the shower, the house was silent. He went to the bedroom but could not see Mona anywhere. He never bothered to look for her, she could disappear from the face of earth for all he cared. He changed into his pajamas and went to give Tamina a goodnight kiss.
As he opened Tamina’s bedroom door, he could see Mona sleeping silently holding Tamina tightly in her arms. If only she was that peaceful in real life, he wondered. He did not make another move lest he woke the both of them up and start an argument all over again. He closed the door silently and proceeded to bed.


A ray of hope
The following morning, Wanga woke up earlier than usual. He cleaned up his house and even decided to take a bath for the first time in two weeks. He was in very high spirits. All he could think of is the day he will start earning more money and relocate from that pig sty he called a home. He quickly looked for clothes that looked a bit clean and put them on adding a blazer on top to give him that official look. He stood in the middle of the room and tried imitating those rich men he always saw walking around holding their car keys as they talked through their phones…
“Ahhh, yes Mutiso, is my nyama choma ready? Yes yes, add some kachumbari and pepper on it I am on my way coming. Yes…I am at the car wash, my car looks a bit dirty, please reserve three seats for me and my friends…” he suddenly stopped and busted out laughing. He then straightened his blazer and walked out of the house.
When he got to town, he went straight to where he and Rico met the previous day, and stood there waiting. It did not take long before he felt a pat on the shoulder and quickly looked behind to meet the familiar face.
“Hi Wanga, you really know how to keep time I see” said Rico as they were shaking hands. “My brother, poverty cannot allow me to be late”, Wanga answered laughing. They made their way to the parking lot where Rico had parked his car. Wanga couldn’t help but admire Rico’s life. This man had everything he wished for.
“Our offices are located in Mountain View. I already mentioned to my associates about the job, so don’t worry, I have it all covered.” said Rico as they drove off.
Wanga was quite curious to know which type of job Rico was offering but he just kept his cool until they got to the offices. As Rico parked his Mercedes Benz outside what seemed to be their offices. Wanga could not help but notice the fleet of cars that were parked around. They were not just normal cars; these were expensive machines that left Wanga quite perplexed.
‘Who exactly are these people?’ Wanga wondered. As they made their way into the offices, Wanga looked around. The place looked clean and tidy. The offices looked quite posh to say the least. ‘Maybe they will offer me a cleaning job,’ he thought to himself.
“Welcome my brother, have a seat”, Rico said as he ushered him in. “Let me call the others so that we can start off.” Wanga took a seat as Rico made a call to the secretary informing her to call in the other members to his office.
After some few minutes, around six men walked into the office. They looked smart in their six piece suits and cleanly shaven heads. Wanga felt embarrassed in his almost dirty clothes. He felt quite out of place. Rico immediately stood up.
“Wanga these are my business associates,” he went on to introduce them one after the other until he got to the last one. After that he sat down and removed something that looked like a bible then gave it to Wanga. “This is going to be your main tool from now on.” He said as he looked straight at Wanga. “Bu…But, I don’t understand,” Wanga stammered as he tried his best to seem relaxed with the mixed reactions he was experiencing. “What am I supposed to do with this?” he said pointing at the bible. Rico smiled and sat straight on his chair.
“Wanga, I work with pastors from all over the country. What we do is, we give you the necessary resources that you will need to start up a successful church. All you need to do is use your skills to become a competent preacher. Later on we take what is earned from the church and divide it at a ratio of 30/70. I mean, this is like offering you money on a silver platter. But always remember, there is no backing out once you get into this business. No matter how big it grows, never start playing smart because then, trouble will come knocking.”
As Rico said these words, Wanga could not help but wonder. How on earth do people just play with God like this? He might not be a believer but he always upholds the religious virtues and tries as much as he can to be a good person. Lying to people using God’s name as a way of extorting money from them is a very despicable act. He looked around at the other men standing there, then back at Rico.
“Well, what do you say Wanga? Are you in?” Rico asked impatiently. Wanga remembered the kind of life he lived and how he slept hungry on most days. He did not want to go back to that kind of life.
“Yes I am” he said smiling as he extended his hand for a handshake.


Chapter 3
Change starts to kick in
Loud voices could be heard singing through the loud speakers put outside the kingdom of Christ ministries. Judging from the outside, one might think the congregation comprised of a large number of people only to get inside the church and see the opposite. Familiar faces were seen all over the church as everyone was singing from the top of their voices. Wanga could be seen on the altar of the church pacing back and forth as he tried his best to keep up with the new songs being sung by the congregation with the help of the self appointed choir leader Sarah.
Sarah was a very fine looking lady almost in her late twenties. Wanga later came to learn that she was one of Rico’s people although newly recruited. She was also married but her husband did not attend the same church as her. As she led the songs, Wanga could see her voluminous behind swaying from left to right from where he was standing facing the congregation. She had a nice body. Her voice too was quite enticing. As Wanga watched her, he could not help but get dirty ideas in his mind. He tried as much as he could to shift his mind to avoid raising eyebrows from the congregation.
Wanga has never imagined that he would ever become a pastor. The thought of standing in front of hundreds of people preaching about things he did not even understand, freaked him out. He had spent a good number of hours trying to memorize the day’s scripture and he hoped things would go as planned.
As he looked around the entire church which was not actually that big, all he could see were faces of Rico and all his associates acting as his followers together with some unidentified females who judging from their active participation, must be gaining something from this.. He felt like laughing but tried as much as he could not to let it show. “Churches are quite a scam.” He said to himself.
As they continued, Rico went to where Wanga was and whispered something to him. Rico then proceeded to take the microphone and raised his hand, the music and dancing stopped then everyone sat down.
“Shalom brothers and sisters… my name is Rico, I am one of pastor Wanga’s followers. I must say, through this journey of salvation, I have seen the hand of God. I have witnessed with my eyes cripples walking, the blind seeing, people who are in deep pain being freed from the shackles of the devil, all of these happened through the hands of our most holy pastor Wanga.
As he said this, the whole church clapped as ululations and whistles were heard coming from the congregation. This magically drew the attention of the passersby as most wanted to know what exactly made people in this church applaud in such a manner.
“Our main branch of the kingdom of Christ ministries is in Kampala Uganda, but we decided to open a new branch here in Nairobi, Kenya in order to spread the word of God. The bible says in Mathew…”
As Rico continued talking, Wanga could not help but wonder. This must be this man’s profession. Rico knew all the bible verses from the back of his hand. His choices of words too were on another level. As Wanga listened, he wondered if all churches operated like this, did God even exist? He was deeply lost in his thoughts before he saw two men; one in a wheelchair whose legs looked completely paralyzed and the other one dragging himself down in tattered clothes and very shaggy hair. He also looked like someone who had been crippled all his life. They both made their way to the church’s alter and stood beside Rico.
“These two are our neighbors from around here. They heard that our great pastor Wanga was opening a church here in Nairobi Kenya, and the decided to use every means possible to come here. They have heard all the great testimonies from the kingdom of Christ ministries from Kampala, and decided to look for us personally for they believe that God can also work miracles for them”.
As Rico said this, the congregation applauded and danced while shouting on top on their voices. More people streamed inside the building. Everyone seemed to be overjoyed. Wanga suddenly started feeling sick. He started feeling dizzy. Can he really push through with this? He felt like running out of the church and just going back…then he remembered his lonely dirty house back in Mukuru wa Njenga and collected himself. He stood up and went to where Rico was then stood beside him.
“Let us welcome the man of God himself, the chosen one, the great pastor Wanga.” Anyone who heard Wanga’s introduction to the congregation would have mistaken Wanga for Jesus. The kind of titles Wanga was being showered with was fit for the son of God himself. Wanga immediately took the microphone and started praying in a loud voice. He ran from one corner of the church to the next, praying, speaking in tongues, and doing all kinds of crazy acts in the name of praying. As he prayed, he raised his left hand over the congregation and some of the people fell down in the name of the Holy Spirit taking over. He then walked to the entrance of the church and turned around facing the altar as he prayed. He then raised his right hand up high and the man in the wheelchair immediately fell down together with his wheelchair. He then started shaking vigorously.
This drew everyone’s attention. It all seemed unreal. People started shouting “Hallelujah” from all the corners of the church. Wanga kept on praying harder, this time much louder as he started moving back to the altar. More people came in the church. The whole place was now extremely filled up. Everyone wanted to see miracles happen with their naked eyes.
Wanga made his way to where the ‘cripple’ man was and took his hand then said to him, “stand up brother, your faith has healed you.”
The man looked up at Wanga with a confused look then looked around as if he did not know where exactly he was nor what was happening around him. He stood up slowly with the help of Rico and Wanga but seemed a little weak. His knees slightly shook as he tried to gain balance. The whole church was in awe. People screamed and shouted “God is good…ooooh Hallelujah.”
All these seemed so real even to Wanga himself. Maybe there was a future in all this. Maybe he was meant to do this type of work. Even though it might be all fake, it gives hope to the hopeless and makes them become believers. As he watched the whole congregation celebrating, he felt spark inside him. For the first in his life he has become the centre of attention. For the first time in his life, he felt respected and honored…Halleluhjah!


Chapter 4
Life starts getting better
The news about miracles that happened in the kingdom of Christ ministries church spread like wild fire across town. People narrated the crazy encounters that took place inside the church that day. Some even exaggerated the story describing the pastor in weird ways. Others said the pastor had blue eyes which shone every time he rose up his mighty hand and that is what made the crippled man to walk. Some said the pastor did not walk on the ground but instead he just floated on air as one moment he would be standing beside you and the next, he will be standing at the altar of the church.
These crazy stories kept on spreading across town and made people much more eager to visit the said church just to prove if what was being said was indeed true.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
“Nice job Wanga, I knew you could do it perfectly” Rico said to Wanga as they made their way into his office on Monday morning. Wanga smiled with a satisfied look on his face. Things turned out better than he expected. Rico had called him to his office to discuss about his relocation to a new house among other things. He no longer wore dirty rags for clothes; Rico had given him some nice clothes to wear. He has never felt this happy in his entire life. Finally God had answered his prayers. Things were looking up.
“We have decided to rent out a house for you. Everything has been provided for you so no need to worry about any necessities.” Rico told Wanga as they sat down in his office. Wanga could not hide his excitement. He could not believe that finally he was going to shift from that pig sty he called a home back in Mukuru wa Njenga.
“Rico, I don’t know how to thank you, you have really helped me. I don’t know how I will ever repay you”. Wanga could not hold back his tears of joy. He still could not believe this was happening after all he had been through.
“It’s okay my brother. What are friends for anyway?” said Rico as he reached out to shake Wanga’s hand.
A few days later, Wanga moved into his new house. The house was bigger than he expected. It was fully furnished with everything he ever dreamt of having; A refrigerator, a big flat screen television, a music system…some of the items in the house were quite new to him as he had never used them before.
Life kept on getting better. Money started streaming in as more and more people kept flocking the church. Rico had never been happier. He deducted the amount they agreed on and gave Wanga the rest. Within some few months, the congregation had become united and decided to build a bigger church and a bigger house for their pastor, Wanga. People loved him very much as most of them saw him as their demigod.
Even though Wanga had all the respect, fame and money, he still felt empty inside. Every night he would lie in bed and think of how better his life would be if he got more money and most importantly a woman by his side, that woman particularly being Sarah. Every time he thought of her he felt his blood boiled with anxiety. His thirst for Sarah grew day by day. Wanga looked forward to all the church meetings and services just to have a glance at her. He never had the courage to approach her. He feared what people would say and most importantly what Sarah would say keeping in mind, she was a married woman. Would she even listen to him? Maybe she will even go ahead and report him to her husband and make things much worse. But if he had more money, Sarah would notice his growing affection for her because most women loved money anyway whether married or unmarried.
Early the following morning, Wanga went over to Rico’s office. He had to convince Rico to raise his salary one way or the other even if he had to be the villain. As he walked inside Rico’s office, he found him going through some documents.
“Good morning Rico…” he walked in smiling as he stretched his hand to greet him. Rico shifted his gaze from the papers on top of his table and looked up. “Wanga, hallo…” he shook Wanga’s hand with a surprised expression on his face. “I don’t remember setting up a meeting, or did I?” he asked trying to recall if he did and happened to forget. “No…no. I just wanted to discuss something urgent with you my friend.” Wanga said as he took a chair from the far corner of the office and sat directly opposite to Rico. “I hope everything is fine.” Rico said looking directly at Wanga.
Wanga hesitated for a moment then sat up and looked back at Rico.
“Rico, you know you are a good friend of mine and am very much thankful for every single thing you have done for me right?” Rico nodded trying to get where all this was coming from. “At the moment the church is doing very well and we have really grown thanks to me. I have never failed you even one single day have I?” Rico shook his head now anxious to know where this was going. “Our congregation has grown massively, and as the pastor, I think it is high time you considered raising my pay bearing in mind that I am the one doing all the work.”
Rico sat up and looked at Wanga more closely. He knew this was the beginning of it all. This was the beginning of the end. When greediness starts creeping in, the end is usually nearer than anyone could anticipate. He knew even if he added Wanga more money, he will still ask for more and more. He had to look for a way to get rid of him, to stop him before things got out of hand.


Chapter 5
Beginning of the end
“Sure…sure…by what percentage are we talking about here if I may ask?” Rico asked as he leaned forward putting both his elbows on his desk with a somewhat concerned expression on his face. He figured out, playing along would be much more appropriate at the time as he planned on how to get rid of Wanga.
“Let’s just say, you add me another 30%. That will be enough for me. Wanga replied feeling quite relieved that he didn’t have to push too hard for it.
With a startled look on his face, Rico took a deep breath and sat up again. “You realize that is a whole 60%, don’t you?” he asked just to be sure he heard right.
“Of course yes. But if you had something else in mind feel free to lay it on the table. I mean…we both know if I decided to stop working for you today and open another church elsewhere, your business will go crumbling down. I am the shepherd, wherever I go, so does my sheep. The choice is yours.” Wanga said smiling with a satisfied look on his face as he knew pretty well he had Rico by his balls.
Rico had no doubt this time that Wanga was out to destroy him and he would raise his pay ‘over his dead body’. He had to look for a solution as soon as possible. He had to find a way to sabotage his career and make everyone despise him to a point that no one would ever want to be associated with him. “Okay, no problem Mr. Wanga. I will hold a meeting with my associates then I will let you know on the decision that will be agreed upon. Don’t worry, all will be well. Rico said as he tried to force a smile and look normal while in the real sense he was burning up inside.
“Very well, I knew we would come to an agreement. A very good friend you are. Thank you and God bless you. Give me your feedback by the end of the week, will you?” Wanga said as he stretched his hand for a hand shake then left immediately.
“Friend huh? You must be kidding me!” Rico cursed under his breath as soon as Wanga left. Just when everything was running smoothly such a thing had to happen. He felt like his whole day had been ruined. Not only the day, but the entire week. He decided to take the rest of the day off to relax his mind and try to find a solution to the problem.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Songs of praises were heard coming from The Kingdom of Christ church. Everyone seemed to be in quite a jolly mood. As the church choir leaders led the rest of the congregation in the singing, Rico could be seen seated at the far corner of the church. He had not been able to find a solution to his problem all week. Every time he looked at Wanga, feelings of contempt and disgust filled him. How on earth was he going to pay Wanga such an amount? What about his other business partners? How was he supposed to divide 40% among almost ten people? Giving in to Wanga’s demand was not an option. He had to find a way fast.
As Rico thought about all this, he didn’t realize that he was staring at Wanga until someone pushed him unintentionally as everyone was busy dancing and clapping with joy. He looked around as if he had just snapped out of a comma, then back at Wanga.
At that very moment, he noticed Wanga was staring at something while smiling. He followed Wanga’s eyes only to land on Sara’s humongous behind. “Wait a minute…” Rico said to himself as he tried to look much more closely. “So what do we have here…huh?” he said smiling. No one could hear him from all the noise from the singing. Rico’s face lit with excitement. “Finally, I got what I wanted”, he stormed out of the church as if he was going to look for something.
As soon as the service was over, Rico went looking for Sarah. He had a plan in mind that he knew would work.
“Hi there Sarah…” he said smiling when he saw her. “Can I have a word with you?” Sarah who rarely talked to Rico except when she was referred to him by Rico’s partners, was quite surprised. What would Rico possibly want from her? She smiled back and joined him as they walked slowly towards his car.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Sarah could be seen making her way towards Wanga’s small office which was some few meters beside the church. It was already evening and all the people had left for their homes. As she knocked on the office door, she adjusted her blouse well enough to expose her cleavage. She heard Wanga’s voice welcoming her in from inside. She immediately opened the door and closed it behind her.
Wanga looked up and felt butterflies in his stomach. The only woman he had been drooling over since God knows when, is finally standing in front of him…all alone this time. “To what do I owe the pleasure of this awesome visit from such a beautiful lady?” he asked with a huge smile on his face.”Have a seat.” Sarah smiled then sat down on one of the chairs as directed.
“Well pastor, am sorry for bothering you this late but I needed your help with something.” She said as she tried to make eye contact with Wanga. “You see, I know that you are a man of God, but I need to confess something that has been bothering me for quite a while. You see pastor…” she paused then looked down with hesitation. Wanga stood up and went where she was seated and put his hand on her back as if trying to pat her. “Just say whatever is bothering you Sarah. We are all humans. I am sure I will understand.
Sarah looked up at Wanga from where she was seated then stood up. She was standing very close to him she could feel his breath. She then slowly moved closer to him and locked her hands around his neck and started kissing him. Wanga kissed her back without a second thought. He could not believe his luck. Just when he thought he needed more money to woo her, this happened.
As they kissed, Sarah started unbuttoning Wanga’s shirt quickly. She then removed her blouse and threw it on the floor. Wanga reached for her bra but was not able to unfasten it. He was quite unskilled when it came to women, given that he rarely found himself in such situations. Sarah smiled then ripped her bra off and threw it aside. This left Wanga quite amazed. ‘This woman must be burning up’, he said to himself as he held her cupful breasts with both his hands and sucked them one after the other. By now his manhood was throbbing from inside his trousers.
He lifted her up and sat her on the table as he reached for her skirt. He tried to lift it up, only for her to tear it open with both her hands. He loved her energy. She opened his belt quickly then unfastened his trousers.
Just as Wanga was about to reach for her inner thighs, Sarah started screaming. She pushed him away with all her energy that sent Wanga flying across the room. “Noooo… stop it, please! Leave me alone! Someone help me!” she continued screaming from the top of her voice.
Wanga struggled to stand up as his trousers which were now on his knees made it quite difficult for him to do so. He could not understand what was going on. “Hey! What is wrong with you?” he shouted at her as he tried to move closer to her while adjusting his trousers.
Sarah started moving towards the door shouting for help holding her bare chest with her hands. She opened the door still shouting and got out. Wanga followed her as he tried to stop her from screaming in vain.
A group of street boys that happened to be passing by heard Sarah’s screams and came running to see what was going on. “He is trying to rape me! Please help me!” Sarah pleaded. One look at her and you would immediately conclude her allegations were true. One of the boys reached for Wanga and started raining blows at him. Others joined and within no time Wanga was lying on the ground with blood oozing from various parts of his body.
“Let us teach this bastard a lesson!” one of them shouted then ran off as the others tried to get information from Sarah about the ordeal. A crowd of people was now gathering as Sarah tried to narrate her story with sobs in between. The boy who ran off came back holding what seemed to be petrol inside a transparent bottle. He then poured it on Wanga who was still lying on the ground as the others cheered on. Sarah watched in shock and disbelief. Beating him up was one thing but killing him was out of question. She never signed up for that. All she was supposed to do was to accuse Wanga of rape and get him kicked out of the church, then get paid as they agreed with Rico who was nowhere in sight. Where was he? He was supposed to be there minutes ago. Everything was happening too fast. She tried to stop the street boys but they were too many and too noisy. One of them took a lighter, switched on the fire and threw it at Wanga as the others kept cheering.
The crowd suddenly scattered as Wanga’s screams were heard from the pain that was crushing him caused by the fire. At that very moment, Rico and some of his associates came running. “What is happening?” “Wanga?” “Sarah?” he shouted as he tried to look around. Sarah was nowhere in sight. That was not the plan. He could not believe his eyes as he looked at Wanga’s lifeless body on the ground in flames.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
As Rico made his way home, feelings of guilt ate him up. He tried calling Sarah but her phone had been switched off. “Where the hell is this woman?” he cursed under his breath. He could not believe what had just taken place some few moments back.
As he made his way inside his house, his daughter Tamina came running to hug him.
“papaaa” she screamed happily.
Rico immediately smiled and lifted her up then kissed her passionately. “How is daddy’s girl doing?” he asked kissing her passionately on the forehead as he sat down putting her on his lap. Just then his phone started ringing. Sarah was calling. He placed Tamina down and quickly started making his way outside to answer the call. Immediately, Mona walked in the living room wanting to know who exactly was calling her husband and why he had to move out to answer the call. She followed him and aggressively took the phone from his hand.
“Let me talk to her!” She shouted as he tried to stop her from answering the phone. “Today I must talk to your mistress Rico.” As she kept fighting back, Rico suddenly slapped her across the face. Mona threw the phone down hitting the floor then scattering into different pieces. Rico felt anger shoot through his veins and suddenly pounced on her. He rained blows on her as Tamina stood there watching crying loudly. Mona’s screams could be heard from a distance.
“Heeeeelp, he is killing me! Neighbors help me!”
As she screamed, neighbors rushed to her rescue and helped to separate the two.
“I will kill you woman! I have persevered enough!” Rico shouted as he tried to free himself in vain.
Mona quickly ran and grabbed Tamina then rushed out of the door crying and cursing loudly.
“You will never see me and your daughter ever again! Stupid bastard!”
As she made her way, neighbors stood there wondering what really transpired between the two. Rico chased them all outside and locked himself in. Feelings of hate filled him. He could not understand why all this was happening.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
The very next day, Rico’s lifeless body was found hanging from his bedroom ceiling from what seemed to have been suicide. And just like that, the kingdom of Christ ministries, was no more.


Based on a true story

I walked slowly towards the matatu stage, admiring different cars parked by the road side, wishing I had mine too. I imagined myself behind the wheel of my favorite car model… range rover sports. I couldn’t help smiling. One day…i vowed. As I approached the matatus, there were noises all over.
‘sista medical, works…bado mtu mmoja’…shouted the tout. ‘kuja ukae hapa mbele’ he quickly opened the front door for me. There was a guy seated there. Hot guy to be precise. I got in.

After we were all settled, the driver started the matatu and within no time we were on our way. My phone was off. so i had no other choice but to observe the hot guy seated next to me. He was dressed in official attire. Long sleeved blue shirt which was folded up, some nice clean pair of black trousers, nice shoes, nice watch. He was somehow dark. I didn’t get to look at his face clearly coz I didn’t want to look weird…so i kept stealing glances from time to time. But all in all…this guy was hot, very. He had this huge phone he kept pressing from time to time, then after sometime he removed a very big tablet from his bag which looked somehow expensive, checked something, then put it back. When the tout asked for fare, he removed a one thousand shilling note and gave him. I already knew, this guy was a luo, and he knew i was observing him. I mean… Who gives out one thousand shillings to pay for thirty shillings fare? The tout was even pissed, coz that meant giving out all his change. But really, who cares? He was hooot, and i had to get his number in one way or the other. I had to.
‘hey…sorry to disturb, but where did you buy your bag from?’… He looked at me, ‘what? This bag? He asked pointing at his bag. ‘yes…that bag. I love it. I want to buy one but i can’t seem to find a place where they sell nice bags like this one’. He smiled… ‘i bought it at….’ he started explaining but i wasn’t paying attention, so obviously i didn’t hear what he was saying. I was just trying to start a conversation so as to be able to get his number easily. He had nice lips though.
As he talked i kept nodding and smiling, waiting for him to finish. The matatu was almost at my destination…i had to hurry. ‘do this…how about you give me your number, then when am in town tomorrow i will look for you, so that you can show me the place coz im new around here, i don’t think I will be able to find that place…’ he smiled and said ‘no problem, 07…’ ooops! my phone was off. The matatu was already where am supposed to alight. I didn’t get off, It continued moving. ‘my phone is off. Lemmi give you my number instead. Call me after thirty minutes i will get yours’. He agreed. I quickly gave him my number then stopped the matatu.
As the matatu rode off, i could see him looking at me from the side mirror. I smiled, he smiled back.Yes!! I was feeling great, though i had to walk an extra distance now. I got home with a big smile on my face…went straight to my room and immediately started charging my phone. As i put it on, i saw a message from a new number, i knew it was the guy from the matatu. I smiled and opened it excitedly, ‘ i can’t wait to get into those pants and f**k the hell out of you, I saw the way u kept looking at me… Jared ‘.As I read the text, the big smile on my face immediately faded away… Arrrrrrgh! Oh no! What have I done…

Episode 2
I couldn’t believe the bad luck I had with men. Just when I thought I found a nice guy…he turns out to be a pervert. I decided to ignore the text and just forget about him.
I laid on my bed and started watching a movie from my laptop. I couldn’t concentrate on the movie. All I could think of was Jared. I was so disappointed. He texted me again…’honey, am home. What are you having for supper?’… I was tempted to reply. Maybe he wasn’t that bad after all. Just when I was about to reply, he texted again. ‘babe…am really feeling cold, please come over unipee joto’. Okay…did I say he wasn’t that bad? False alarm! This guy was totally weird. I put away the phone and continued watching the movie which I had no idea what it was about. He sent me several texts which went un replied. He didn’t give up… He started calling. I didn’t answer. He gave up…or so I thought.
The following day, I woke up a little late. I had to hurry up so as not to be late for my lectures. I went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. While I was in the shower, my younger sister shouted, ‘mamou your phone is ringing’. Who could call me this early, I wondered. I finished up, wrapped myself with a towel and came out of the bathroom.
I met my sister coming out of my room, ‘mamou Jared was calling you, I answered and told him you were in the bathroom, he said he will call you later’. She told me as she went back to her room…i was so furious. This stupid girl just ruined all my plans ‘what?’ I screamed at her. ‘who gave you the right to answer my calls? Kuja hapa mjinga wewe!’ i furiously went after her. she screamed and closed the door to her room. ‘nisikushike! Do you know what you have done? If I ever find you anywhere near my phone utajua Mimi ni nani’. I shouted at her. I could hear her laughing loudly. This girl, so stupid.
I quickly dressed up, took breakfast and ran to class. The morning ran smoothly. Jared didn’t call. I was surprised. He knew I was avoiding him. I decided to call him. ‘hallo, Jared…am sorry I couldn’t talk to you yesterday, my phone had issues, I…’ he didn’t let me finish. ‘where are you?’ he asked. ‘am just out of class am on my way to work.’ I replied. ‘how about you come over at my place after work I make you a nice cup of coffee?’ I hesitated. For some weird reason I suddenly started doubting this guy. Why was he in such a hurry with me? He didn’t even know me. I told him I will let him know when am out of work. He agreed and disconnected the call. After five minutes he texted me… ‘im really looking forward to seeing you, don’t let me down’. I ignored. This guy was acting extra desperate. There must be something very wrong with him. I didn’t want to go to his place.
After work as I went to board a matatu at the stage, I wondered what to tell Jared. I had to come up with a lie. When i reached the stage, Jared suddenly called, just as I was about to board the matatu. I answered, ‘hallo…jared, I don’t think…’ he was behind me. I looked around and smiled. He hugged me tightly and without a word we both got on the vehicle and waited for it to take off. What do you do for a living?’ I asked after several minutes of silence. ‘am a doctor’. He answered looking at me. ‘i hope we are going to my place’, he added looking straight into my eyes, I wanted to decline but then I looked at his eyes, brown cute eyes. My heart melted. I couldn’t say no…i just couldn’t. ‘okay, but only for some few minutes’, I found myself saying. What is wrong with me, why did I agree? No, I have to retract my statement. Just as I was about to talk again, he held my hand and squeezed it, I became dumbfounded…

Episode 3
We both alighted from the matatu and walked quietly to his house. For some weird reason I was feeling very nervous. I kept looking at Jared then looking down.
He opened the door to his house and ushered me in…’Welcome to my humble home babe,’…i walked in. Hmmm, this guy must be earning good cash. The living room looked awesome, I liked it. ‘Please have a seat, do u drink? I got some red wine, vodka and whisky… I stopped him. ‘no, I don’t drink am sorry’, I told him smiling. ‘water will just be okay’. He laughed and disappeared in some room which I assumed to be the kitchen. After a few minutes, he came back holding a bottle of whisky and two glasses. ‘you can’t come all that way for a glass of water, come on! Drink something strong, it will make you feel relaxed’. He said putting the glasses on the glass table. I didn’t like how this guy was making me drink. Its like he had some hidden intentions. ‘im sorry Jared but am serious, I used to drink but not anymore, so please water will be just okay’. I told him this time giving him a serious look. ‘okay, okay… Don’t eat me I beg’, he said playfully then took one of the glasses on the table and again disappeared in the kitchen. I looked around, everything looked very nice and neat. He had a large portrait of himself hanged just above the expensive looking music system. ‘here is your water,’ he came back holding a glass of water and placed it right in front of me. ‘thank you’, i said and immediately took the water and started drinking. As i was drinking, i looked at him, he was starring at me. I stopped halfway and put the glass back on the table. He smiled and poured himself some whisky. ‘so mamou, u are spending the night with me today, right?’ he asked. ‘no am not, i have to be home in the next twenty minutes, i just came here because you insisted.’ i replied. He stood up and turned on the television, then came to where i was and sat right next to me. ‘mamou, why don’t you like me? Why don’t you want me?’ he asked looking at me straight in the eyes. I couldn’t talk, i reached for my glass of water and sipped some more. ‘jared, its not that, you just want me in your bed, you don’t even know me,’ i said still holding the glass. ‘mamou we are not kids, come on… As he continued talking something weird started happening to me. My eyes started growing heavy, i put the remaining water back to the table. My heart started beating so fast i couldn’t think. I struggled to listen to what he was saying. Something was not right. The sound coming from the television suddenly started sounding funny. My eyes…no, i have to get out of here. I stood up. He looked at me ‘what is wrong?’ he asked also standing. ‘you need some more water?’ he reached for the remaining water on the table. ‘i have to go, am sorry.’ i said as i started walking towards the door. He stopped me. ‘please stay for a little longer,’ he hugged me tightly, then started kissing me all over. ‘stop, let me go,’ i pushed him away, and hurried to the door. My legs were now becoming weak. This man must have drugged me… Ooh God. He quickly walked to where i was and blocked the way. ‘jared, i want to go home, if you dare touch me, i will make a scene here and make sure you pay dearly’. I said pointing at him. He smiled and moved out of the way. ‘okay, lemmi take you home then’, he offered. I didn’t answer. I quickly walked out of the house. He locked his house quickly and ran after me. I didn’t stop, I kept walking. I was getting weaker, what has this man done to me… I need a taxi. I looked around, i couldn’t see clearly because my eyes were weak and it was also dark outside…no, help…

Episode 4
I continued walking. The little energy left in me could still save me. I had to get away from Jared no matter what.
Suddenly, I saw a car coming from a distance. Its head lights were flashing my way. At least that gave me hope of finding help. I stopped and tried getting a closer look. Wait…that car looked familiar, very familiar. As it came closer, i kept staring trying to see clearly. Ooh no! That was my father’s car. But what was my dad doing around this place? Well..that doesn’t matter, I had to hide before he noticed me. I had to run or else I would have to answer what i was doing around there at that time, in such a state. I decided to go back… When I turned around, I came face to face with Jared. He was standing right behind me. The car pulled over beside us. I closed my eyes and waited for the worst to happen. ‘Mamou… What are you doing here?’ wait…that voice. Cobby…that was my brother Cobby. Jared immediately moved away and disappeared in the darkness. I have never been so much relieved in my entire life. I felt like hugging and kissing my brother and just worshipping him. I happily opened the car door and got in. Cobby stared at me for a while then asked, ‘are you drunk? Who was that guy you were with?’ I didn’t answer. I just laid on the seat and closed my eyes. He started the car and drove off.
I woke up the following morning with a massive headache. I felt sick. I walked around the house looking for something to eat, I was hungry. No one was home. I had classes the whole day but I couldn’t make it for the morning classes. I had to look for some pain killers first to get rid of that head ache. I quickly took breakfast then went out to buy some painkillers. The shop was a little far from home, so I had to walk some few distance. I bought the pills and started going back. Just then… I looked around, and suddenly saw someone who looked like Jared, or was it him? I wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to know. My heart started racing. I ran home and locked myself in the house. I went in my room and took my phone, I needed to talk to someone. Just then I saw I had several missed calls from Jared. I deleted them. I also had a text from him. I opened it… ‘baby you are mine and am yours. See you later. ‘ it read. Huh?….later? I wondered.

Episode 5
This man made me feel scared. I cursed the day I gave him my number. I vowed never again to give my number to a stranger no matter how hot and handsome he looked. This guy looked like he knew I was afraid of him and this made him more determined. I had to do something. I can’t let this happen. I made up my mind. I knew what I had to do, no guy was just going to play around with me as he pleased.
I took a cold shower, dressed up and went for my lectures, not giving a rats ass if Jared would appear from nowhere and kill me or whatever else he wanted to do with me. My lectures ended in the evening. I went back home. I found my brother chilling with his friends playing FIFA in his computer. That’s all he did all day actually, apart from stealing my father’s car and driving around the neighborhood trying to check out hot girls and offering them free rides in exchange for their numbers. He was also a student but their school offered long holidays unlike ours. I went straight to my room. My brother followed me. ‘Mamou, don’t think I have forgotten about what happened yesterday’. I put my bag on the table beside my bed and looked at him. ‘since when did I start giving you explanations?’ I asked him then pointed at the door, ‘jipe shugli I want to change’. He didn’t move a muscle. ‘am going nowhere, do you know who put you on your bed when u had passed out in the car? You are lucky mum never saw you. And who was that man you were with? What if it was dad and not me in the car…’ I stopped him. ‘yeah yeah, just shut up already. I wasn’t drunk, and I don’t know who that man was, kwanza what were you doing with dad’s car? At that hour? Around those sides? Hmmmm?’ I asked him mockingly. He clicked loudly and went away shouting, ‘next time dad will be the one to ask you those questions you ungrateful fool! Ngoja tu’. Well there will be no next time, that I know for sure. I closed the door and sat on my bed. Just then my phone rang. It was my sister. I answered. ‘Hallo, Mamou…uko home? Come out and help me carry some stuff am outside the gate’. I quickly went out to help her. As I opened the gate, I heard my sister talking to someone. I got out and what I saw really surprised me. Jared was there standing beside my sister holding two paper bags in both hands. My sister looked at me smiling. ‘Mamou, this guy says he knows you, he helped me carry the shopping from the matatu.’ I was suddenly filled with anger, this man just had to show his face again. I went straight to him and slapped him right on the face. ‘leave me the hell alone! What’s wrong with you? What do you want from me?’ I shouted at him and grabbed the two paper bags from his hands. ‘twende!’ I told my sister angrily and without any word she followed me in. I closed the gate and walked in the house. My sister followed me obviously wanting to know what was going on. ‘Mamou what’s wrong with you? Ata kama hutaki mtu you can’t just go around slapping people! Na vile that guy was nice to me…nkt! Why did you do that?’ I didn’t answer her. I never talk when am angry because my body never cooperates. My whole body was shaking with anger. I had to wait till I calm down. I locked myself in my room and laid on my bed. Well…that taught him a lesson. Just then, Jared texted me, ‘i never meant any harm to you, I just wanted to see you, I’m sorry.’ it read. Suddenly I started feeling guilty. Maybe I went far… Maybe he never meant to harm me, maybe…oh no. Maybe I should apologize and tell him nicely to stay away. I had to apologize. I stood up and went to look for my brother. I needed back up incase he decides to revenge on the slap…

Episode 6
I went straight to where my brother and his friends were. They looked like they were having a great time. This was going to be hard…but I had to try. ‘cobby, I want you to take me somewhere ‘. I told him trying to sound desperate. He continued playing with his computer and answered without looking, ‘Do I look like your chauffeur or your bodyguard? Get lost!’ okay… I had to try harder. I smiled, ‘i will pay you’ I said still smiling. He looked at me, ‘how much? Am not taking anything below two hundred bob.’ I cursed. This stupid boy would make anyone bankrupt in a second. ‘one hundred, lets go’, I said moving out. He ran for the car keys and followed me to the car. ‘where are we going?’ he asked opening the car door. ‘Take me to that place you found me yesterday night’, I said trying to avoid his eyes. He stopped and looked at me, ‘you are going to see that guy, ain’t you?’ he asked sounding surprised. ‘do you want your money or not? Don’t ask me questions, am paying you, remember?’ I said opening the gate for him to move the car out. He obeyed and soon we were on our way. On the way he kept hooting at every girl with a big ass then shouting at them ‘yeay baby, u can geriiiiit!’. This really annoyed me. We had to fight from time to time for him to stop the madness and concentrate on the road. After a few minutes, we parked outside Jared’s gate. My heart started racing. I had to sit in the car for some few seconds to gather enough courage to face Jared. ‘what are you waiting for? we don’t have the whole day here’. Cobby said impatiently. I looked at him, ‘please take me,’ I asked him. He looked at me with disgust, ‘what? You now want a three some with your brother? I know am hot but you ain’t my type, get out or I will leave you here, my friends are waiting for me. Im giving you only twenty minutes, I have things to do and the a hundred bob you are paying me….’ I didn’t wait for him to finish, I got out of the car without a word.Getting revenge for the slap was better than listening to my brother’s bull crap. I went straight to Jared’s door, just as I was about to knock, I heard noises. He was arguing with someone, a woman. She sounded angry. I stood and listened. ‘i will let the whole world know….(glasses breaking) i will…you skank….this baby….what you gave me….u knew(things falling)….sick…..’ those were the words i managed to hear. Suddenly things went silent. I decided to go back to the car because obviously that wasn’t the best time for apologies. As i turned to go, the door opened…

Episode 7
i froze. I didn’t expect the door to open. I turned around slowly only to come face to face with a short, light skinned lady. She wore black pair of jeans and a white top. Her hair was a mess. She looked at me with anger flashing through her eyes. ‘Can I help you?’ she asked. I didn’t know what to say. Ja…Jared, is he around?’ I stammered. She suddenly became aggressive and started shouting at me…’ooooh!! So you are the prostitute who come to seduce my boyfriend every time am not around huh? You are the one who gave him the disease ain’t you?’ I became confused. What was this woman talking about. ‘sorry, what are you talking about?’ I tried asking but she didn’t even listen. She went back into the house shouting, ‘Jared, where are you? Your whore is here, she wants to see you. So this woman is the reason you don’t want to accept your responsibility? Where are you Jared?’ I smelled trouble. Big trouble. I had to get away as soon as possible. I started walking away. ‘where are you going? You think you will run away?’she came back shouting. She quickly came to where I was and held my hand. I looked behind, Jared was there standing looking surprised. ‘Mamou, what are you doing here?’ he asked me. I looked at the woman, she was ready to beat the hell out of me, I was so afraid. ‘Tell her to let me go’ I shouted at Jared. He came to where we were and pulled the lady away. The lady became mad with fury. ‘You are defending her now huh? You are sleeping with her, aren’t you? Does she know you are sick? Does she know you have aids or she’s the one who gave it to you then you passed it over to me? Tell me!’ she started fighting Jared. I tried to get away but she blocked the way. ‘i will kill you,’ she screamed. I had never seen anything like that in my life. I felt so scared, I started shaking. Suddenly my brother came running through the gate, ‘what is going on here, Mamou, what is wrong?’ I couldn’t speak. ‘That whore, I will kill her, I swear I will kill her!’ the woman kept shouting. Cobby looked at me, ‘Mamou were you making me bring you here to see someone else’s husband?’ I looked at him. I felt like slapping him but I couldn’t. ‘Get out of here!’ Jared shouted holding the lady as she kept struggling. Cobby held my hand and pulled me quickly through the gate and into the car. He started the car and sped away. He parked outside our gate and looked at me, ‘really mamou, really? Is this what it has come to? What is this?’ he asked angrily. I took a deep breath then explained everything to him, from the time I took Jared’s number in the matatu up to present. He sat back without a word. ‘why did you have to wait till now for you to tell me all this?’ he asked without looking at me. I didn’t answer.’ Well thank your lord I have been your guardian angel from the very start. The next time you will go exchanging numbers with strangers, you will remember your narrow escape from death’.he said and immediately got out of the car to open the gate.


episode 1…
Several days had passed without talking to either Allan or Jay. I was played a fool just when I thought I had everything under control. Allan had tried calling and texting me, I never answered or replied. I was played once,I was not going to let It happen again. I had decided to lay low for a bit, no clubbing, no alcohol, no guys till I recover from the trauma I had gone through. My friends kept looking for me and inviting me out but I turned them all down. No one knew what I was going through. Not even my best friend carol.
It was on a Saturday evening. I had just got home from work. I was feeling down so I decided to put some music to boost my moods coz music really gets me all hyper n stuff. Just before I switched on the radio, my phone started ringing… Carol was calling me…I couldn’t ignore her call coz she can call n call till my phone goes off. ‘sema Caro…’ ‘hallooo, (she was shouting) kwani wewe, uliskia ukienda out na Mimi utakufa? Kwanza uko wapi? Am on my way to Tao, I want to see you, ama I come to ua place nkuchukue? I want u to meet my cuzo, he’s hoooot. Mbona huongei? Mamouuu’ okay, just to let u know, this gal is nuts, as in totally nuts. I loved that about her. But sometimes she can annoy u till u wonder and ask yourself…where did I get this mad person from?… ‘ooh, Caro… Aki Leo cjui…’ she didn’t let me finish, ‘ am coming for you, staki excuses. And u better be ready coz tunangojewa tao’ and with tht she hanged up! I couldn’t stop her from coming, and i know She’s crazy enough to even carry me to wherever she was going. She never takes no for an answer.
I went to the shower to freshen up as I waited for her. Just as I was getting out, I heard a knock on the front door. ‘comiing’ I shouted as I looked around for any piece of clothing that I can put on… Arrgh, wea is the towel?? (am the kinda person who walks around naked in the house when am alone so dont wonder why I was looking for a towel 󾌵) ‘the door was open so I let myself in.’there she was, standing outside my room. ‘can I come in?’ she asked while getting in. I didn’t have to reply… ‘wat are u planning to wear, don’t put on a dress, ukivaa dress huwa haudance n you are always so boring,’ I was still naked, looking at her. ‘ata salamu sipewi Leo just coz tunaenda out?’ I asked her… ‘ sisalamiangi watu Wako uchi, vaa nguo kwanza, shika hii jeans hukutoa smart na hii top n these shoes ‘…. I couldn’t object, I didn’t have the strength to. As I put on my makeup she was in the kitchen looking for something to eat. ‘wewe Ni mluhya na huna chakula kwa fridge? Jeez. I knew u are adopted…’ im used to her so I ignored her. ‘am done, lets go.’ she looked at me and smiled. ‘awwwh, u look good, now gimme a hug’. 󾌦 this woman! As we headed out I called my siz to let her know I will be coming home late. ‘where exactly are we going?’ I asked her… ‘wewe usijali, it’s not like you will pay for your drinks anyway. I want you to meet someone’… I had a feeling, this night was going to be one crazy night.

episode 2
We took a taxi just outside the gate. on our way, I kept wondering who this cousin I was supposed to meet was. But it wasn’t that big of a deal, at least am with carol. Nothing bad could really happen when she was around. I trusted her with my life. The taxi stopped outside a club well-known as platinum 7d. It was only around seven in the evening but this place was full! We walked in, and looked for a place to sit. We found a table beside a group of guys… hot guy . Can’t deny for a moment there I wished carol’s cousin didn’t show up at all. ‘where are they? Si u told me they were waiting for us?’ I asked carol, she looked around then told me to wait for her as she goes to make a quick call in the ladies coz there was too much noise where we were. As she excused herself, I glanced at the next table. Now I have a chance to observe, Gods finest creations. Eiish, these guys were hot yaani. Kwanza there was another one who was slightly taller than the others and a little muscular. Everytime I looked at that table, our eyes met and he smiled at me. I felt shy and looked at either my phone or anywhere else. After 5minutes, carol came back. ‘wako on their way, anasema walikua wameenda kwa atm kutoa pesa… Have u ordered drinks?’ she asked as she looked around. ‘wat are you having?’ I was undecided. ‘order anything,’ I told her. She looked at me and frowned. ‘ sasa anything aje? Me am having a guarana, will u take the same?’ okay… For all of u who don’t know what guarana is… U probably ain’t supposed to be in Facebook. U are either under age or over age.
I told her its okay, I will have the same. She placed an order then sat down and started scrolling through her phone. I was also doing the same. Finally the drinks came, and we didn’t waste a single minute. We started drinking and chatting as we waited for her cousin and whoever else he was with.
It was almost 8pm and these people were nowhere to be seen. ‘kwani carol this cousin of yours anatembea from town? ‘ I asked her. carol is very impatient, I was even wondering how she managed to wait tht long. ‘aki cjui where they are and his phone is unreachable. Aliniambia iko battery low saa I think its off.. Lets wait till 9, if they dont tokea we go’. Sawa… I replied and started looking around. Suddenly, I saw a familiar face. my heart started racing very fast. Ooh my God, shiiiit! That’s jay. I have to hide before he notices me. I started pretending that I was looking for something below the table while peeping to make sure he ain’t seeing me. Carol wasn’t even noticing what was going on. I peeped and saw him coming towards us smiling. Oooh noo! What am I going to do?? He has seen me! Just when I thought things were getting worse, carol suddenly stood and hugged him, ‘aki si we have waited for u, where have u been?’ waaat?!
Episode 3
I didn’t believe what I was hearing. How can my best friend be related to this guy? No way! Now… I had to think fast. how will I get myself out of this shit… Think. ‘Mamou, what are you doing? Umeangusha nini huko chini?’ carol asked trying to look down the table too. People who never know how to mind their own business 󾌦. I rose slowly, sat straight and looked at jay. He wasn’t even surprised to see me. He just looked at me and smiled. That bustard! ‘kwani huwasalamii?’ carol asked me wondering.i stood up and went to where they were standing. I first shook his friend’s hand, then his. When he held my hand, he pulled me closer and hugged me. ‘i finally have you all to myself ‘ he whispered on my ear. I pulled away, looked him straight in the eyes and smiled. ‘ don’t be too sure darling. I came here with my boyfriend, unlike some people, I don’t lie about my status or behave single when am clearly not’. I told him still looking at him straight in the eyes. ‘where is he then? Under the table?’ he asked me sarcastically then raised an eyebrow waiting for me to answer. ‘no… He is…’ I wasn’t able to finish, carol cut in ‘kwani you two know each other?’ she asked looking surprised. I didn’t answer,Instead I excused myself and went to the ladies. what have I done. Why did I say I have a boyfriend?! He knew I was lying, but there is no way I was letting him have his way. As I walked, I suddenly bumped onto someone. I looked up…the hot guy from the table next to ours. I smiled at him and he obviously smiled back, ‘hey… Watsup? Are u okay?’ he asked me. I shouted, do I look okay nigga! Okay, im lying, 󾌵. Ofcrse I told him am okay. ‘you don’t look okay, am Gerald by the way. Were you hiding from that guy earlier?’…okay, this guy is officially a bitch. Men are supposed to mind their own businesses. Not look around and try finding interesting things to talk about! ‘am mamou, and what just happened is none of your business, so quit playing all concerned and stuff’. I said smiling. ‘Playing tough huh? I love such kinda women, trying to play tough n shit while in the real sense they are sissys who hide under the table to avoid people!’ he said smiling back. oooh my God, This guy was insulting me. I looked at him then a thought suddenly hit me! 󾌨 ‘ wat did u say your name was… Gerald right? Okay, I need ua help please, I need u to act as my boyfriend please, just until that guy we are with and his friend go away’. He looked at me with a surprised look on his face. ‘wat? How?’ he asked. ‘well, just act… u know, like my boyfriend,’ I told him. ‘ but I don’t even know you!’… Okay,this guy was starting to become difficult. Maybe I should just brush off that thought and let him go. He is dumber than I thought.’Forget it’. I said then started to move away. ‘stop, okay… I will do it, but what’s in for me?’ hmmm, he wasn’t that dumb after all. ‘hmmm, what do u want?’ I asked. He looked at me and smiled. ‘i want to wake up beside you in the morning’. Damn… This guy is smart. But am smarter, ‘done… I said smiling… Lets go.’ I led him to our table where carol, jay and his friend were now seated chatting. ‘ hey guyz, meet my guy Gerald ‘ they looked at us, carol looked confused, jay looked surprised, his friend looked…well, the way he looked, can’t define his face really. I looked at Gerald’s friends at the next table, they were all looking at us too. Then Gerald turned me around and kissed me on the lips, ‘babe, what do u say, we get out of here and go grab something to eat?’…wat? This guy is nuts! I told him to act like my boyfriend, not kiss me an start talking nonsense! Ooh crap. I’m in real shit now.
Episode 4
I looked at Gerald. This stupid guy. I almost punched him on the face, but I couldn’t. It was all my fault. I sucked it all in and smiled. ‘Gerald, why don’t we sit and drink first? It’s still early to be moving around’. I said praying so hard that he would just play along and stop being so unbelievably stupid. ‘okay, u sit and have your drink babe, am in the next table with my guys, okay?’ he kissed me again, and made his way to where he was seated. I stared at him, cursing every bone in his body. This guy was taking advantage of the situation. But it’s too late to go back now, I have to play along. I sat down and continued drinking my Guarana which was now tasting like salty water. I didn’t want to look at anyone especially carol coz I knew she was going to explode with questions soon. I immediately took my phone and texted her, “don’t ask me anything, I will explain when we get back home, just play along, and stop looking at me like am from mars 󾌦” then I looked at her waiting for the text to go through. It did, she texted back, “u such a bitch, ngoja utaona! 󾌠”… I read the text and smiled. Jay decided to break the silence, ‘well… Mamou, how are you? its been a while since we saw each other.’ I looked at him and smiled. Just when I was about to reply, I saw Gerald coming towards me holding his drink. ooh no! Here we go again. He pulled a chair and sat next to me, then put his arm across my shoulder. I looked at him with warning eyes. He smiled and looked at carol, then jay. ‘ he wanted to say something but I pinched him on the thigh to stop him. I didn’t trust this guy. I was better off when he was seated with his friends. We were all seated now, drinking silently. Gerald kept touching my hair, my thighs, my face…his hands were just all over me. I was getting really pissed off. I stood up and excused myself. I went straight to the ladies to take a breather. This guy was suffocating me. When I was in the ladies, I texted carol and told her to come to where I Was. Within three minutes, she was there. ‘mamou, wats going on?’ I knew that would be her first question. ‘I want to go home’, I told her. She looked at me surprised. ‘ wat? Now? And who is that guy Gerald?’ I looked at her. I didn’t want to answer her, I didn’t feel like explaining anything. ‘ am not feeling okay, im feeling sick, I want to go home please’. faking sickness was the only way out of all this shit I got myself into. ‘wah, pole…sawa. Lets go say goodbye to jay basi’… She said slowly. She believed me, yes! We walked to our table. Jay was on his phone, Gerald was nowhere in sight. Jay’s friend was talking to some lady. ‘ jay, am sorry but we have to go, Mamou is not feeling okay.’ carol told jay as she reached for her coat and her purse. Jay looked at me, then asked what was wrong. I didn’t answer. He stood up, took my hand and pulled me to him. He asked me ‘Mamou, am I the reason why you guys are going? Please be frank’… ‘ no, no… Am just not feeling okay, that’s all.’ i answered. ‘ well lemme drop you guys, it’s the least i can do ‘. Before I could object, carol took jay’s hand, ‘ thanx, Ata umefikiria sana’.she said excitedly. Arrrrggh, why him. Carol didn’t know the kind of trouble she was putting me in. Jay told his friend to wait for him as he takes us home. He nodded and continued chatting with the lady he was with as jay led us out to where he had parked his car. As we walked, i suddenly heard someone shouting my name from behind. ‘hey, Mamou…where u going?’ i looked around, Gerald! Damn! Trouble…

Episode 5
Gerald walked to where we were. He looked furious. I didn’t understand why. ‘where are you going Mamou? U want to run away without doing what u promised me?’ he asked. ooh no. This guy was actually serious. I almost laughed but I stopped myself. I looked at jay and Carol. What am I going to say. ‘Gerald, I’m not feeling okay, can I call you tomorrow please?’ he dint want to hear. He immediately pulled me aside. ‘Mamou this ain’t wat we agreed on. I already did my part. U do yours, how did u become sick all over sudden, huh?’ he looked furious. It really scared me. I started walking away. He held me violently and dragged me back. ‘you are not going anywhere!’ he said then started pulling me back into the club. Ohh no! This guy was a nutcase! He’s crazy! Jay immediately followed us and stopped him. ‘what is going on here? Leave her alone!’ he shouted at Gerald furiously. Gerald suddenly let me go and descended on jay raining blows on him. I almost had a heart attack, ‘let him go’, I shouted trying to pull him away. He pushed me so hard I actually saw myself flying in the air and landed on my ass with a big thud! Carol was screaming all over, ‘muache! Achana naye! Somebody heeelp!’ Jay and Gerald were now fighting. I couldn’t believe it. It was all my fault. People who were around helped us separate the two. Gerald was shouting at jay, ‘i can’t have a single thing to myself! U always want it all. Mamou is mine, whether u like it or not. U not going anywhere with her!’ I was confused. What was Gerald talking about? Jay looked around, when he spotted me and Carol, he hurriedly came to us, held our hands and started walking away. We heard people screaming from behind. I quickly looked behind just in time to see a very big stone flying in the air towards us. It hit jay right on the head from behind. He fell down and passed out. I stood there, carol was screaming and crying. Ohh my God! What have I done. Jay was bleeding profusely from the head. Gerald was nowhere to be seen. I was in shock. Jay’s friend immediately appeared from nowhere, ‘what is going on? What…jay! Ooh no. Someone get me a car! Ooh no….. Where are the car keys, jay…’ there were noises all over. ‘ the keys are in his pocket!’ I managed to shout at last. He put his hands in jay’s pocket and removed the car keys. Help me carry him to the car. He shouted. Some guy lifted jay and carried him to the car which was parked not far away from where we were. We followed behind. Carol was crying. I was too shocked to cry. We got in the car. Carol went to the front seat, I sat with jay at the back. He was bleeding too much. I held him. As the car moved he also moved. He suddenly fell on my lap. Spilling blood all over me. His head was looking up. He opened his eyes faintly then closed them. I was so afraid. Tears were now rolling down my cheeks. ‘im sorry,’ I kept saying. ‘please don’t die’. My hands were full of blood. Ooh my God, im I dreaming? Noooo, please let him be okay… Please God….

episode 6;

Within twenty minutes, we were at the hospital. Jay’s friend jumped out of the car and ran inside to get the nurses. We waited in the car impatiently. After a few seconds, he came back running accompanied by two male nurses. They opened the car and removed jay who was now unconscious. Another female nurse came hurriedly from behind pulling a sketcher. They laid jay on it and pushed it hurriedly inside the hospital. We followed from behind. One of the nurses stopped us at some point and told us to wait outside. We sat and waited. Jay’s friend kept sitting and standing from time to time, then he went outside to make a call. I sat there helplessly. My clothes were full of blood. Caro on the other hand looked like a zombie. She stared at nothing and seemed quite distant. It was all my fault. All of this was my fault. Why? How?…. Then I remembered something, why was Gerald talking to Jay with such bitterness, like they knew each other? But that didn’t matter for now, all I need right now is for the nurses to come out and tell us jay was okay. Minutes seemed like hours. I could not hold on any longer. I stood up and started walking to the door. Before I reached the door, jay’s friend came back in, followed by woman who looked really familiar. I stopped to look at her, I know this woman from somewhere. She then looked at me and stared back. Oooh shit! Shiiiiit! That was the same woman I saw in jay’s car the other day. I wanted to run but I couldn’t. She then asked me ‘do I know you from somewhere?’ I shook my head so fast before she had a chance to start doubting. ‘but am sure iv seen your face some…’ before she could finish carol jumped in…’aki thank God umefika, that’s my friend Mamou, u can’t believe what happened,’ she started crying… The woman held her n hugged her. ‘Mamou tell her what happened,’ carol managed to say… I looked at the woman, how will I start? I’m sorry but its all my fault your husband was severely injured?? I was tongue-tied. Jay’s friend came to my rescue…’she is still in shock, I don’t think she can talk.’ phew! Thank heavens. ‘but what happened? Who did all that? What happened?’ the woman asked him, ‘some crazy guy named George or Jeremy, mamou, what was your boyfriend ‘s name?’ he asked me. The three looked at me… huh? What is wrong with this guy? Did he have to say out loud that the lunatic was my boyfriend? ‘Gerald’… I said looking down. ‘wait… Your boyfriend did this?’ the woman asked me, looking furious. ‘its not her boyfriend’, carol came to my rescue, hallelujah! ‘his name is Gerald yes, but he’s a stranger to us,’ she continued. Jay’s friend was now looking confused, ‘but she…’ he said pointing at me. The woman cut in…. ‘wait, how did this Gerald look like? Tall, dark, hot-tempered kinda….’ she didn’t have to finish. We all shouted ‘yees, that one’…. Immediately the nurses around told us to either shut up or go away. We started whispering, ‘do u know him?’ she held her head n sat down. Okay… What’s going on? We all moved closer, are you okay? We asked her. She started crying. Gerald was my ex back then before I got married to jay, he and jay never met eye to eye and he hated jay so much for being with me, ohh no, how is my husband…’ she stood up, ‘how badly is he injured?’ she looked at my clothes and froze, ‘all this blood?… But u said he was only hit by a stone, how?’ we started looking at each other confused. Just then someone walked in, Allan…

Episode 7
I immediately turned around and faced the wall. I could not let Allan see me. How would I explain to him that I was out with Jay…his friend. How would I explain to him that it was all my fault that Jay was seriously injured. I felt like dying there and then. ‘what’s going on? What happened to Jay, is he okay? Where is he?’ he kept asking questions to no one in particular. The woman was still crying as she replied ‘its all this lady’s fault’…i assumed she was pointing at me because I was still facing the wall pretending to be crying. Suddenly I felt someone touch my shoulder, I turned around waiting for the worst to happen, I looked up and came face to face with my worst nightmare, Allan. He stared at me with disbelief. ‘ma…ma..mou, is this you?’ he managed to ask after a few seconds. No, it’s an alien from mars, I wished I said that but instead I kept quiet and looked down. ‘YOU KNOW HER?’ everyone asked in unison. I felt like a thief being descended upon by a mob justice. I wished I could faint or just vanish but in such situations, God will never rescue you. You have to stay and face it all. Allan immediately grabbed my hand and dragged me outside. I felt myself actually flying all the way. ‘what is this Mamou? What were you doing with Jay? What is wrong with you? Are you insane?’ he asked me angrily not caring if I will answer or not. Tears started running down my cheeks, where will I start? Will he believe me? Waiit a minute, why was I even worried? The last time i checked, this human being was with another lady who claimed to be his girlfriend. I didn’t have to explain anything to him. Instead I turned the tables around… ‘Allan, what do you take me for? You have a wife and a girlfriend, why were you still after me? What do you take me for, huh?’ Allan stared at me with surprise written all over his face. ‘what the hell are you talking about Mamou?’ ‘eeeeh, don’t ask me stupid questions…you know what am talking about…i..’ before I was able to finish, we heard a loud scream coming from inside the hospital. No! What is going on? No! Please God no. Let Jay be okay, please…

Episode 8
we started running back into the hospital. All I could think of is Jay. To hell with Allan. As we got in, we saw jay’s wife on the floor unconscious as the nurses struggled to lift her up. ‘what is going on? Carol…what happened? Is jay okay? Carol I’m talking to you..’ I was asking carol who seemed to be in shock. ‘she had a panic attack when she heard Jay needs a blood transfusion within 24hrs’… I froze. Whaaat? Is it that serious? Thank God he’s still alive though. The nurses carried her inside the ward while the doctor remained behind. ‘are you family?’ he asked all of us. I looked at carol, waiting for her to say something…she looked at me and said nothing. Allan told the doctor we are all very close friends. ‘the patient needs a blood donor, he happens to be a blood group O. We need blood as soon as possible from any of his family members. Does he have kids? Siblings? we all looked at Allan… ‘yes…no…ammmh, I think, I don’t know,’ he replied looking undecided. ‘you are his close friends and you are not even sure if your friend has kids or not?’ the doctor asked no one in particular with surprise written all over his face. ‘Don’t worry doctor, I will see what I can do…’ Allan told him then rushed out. I followed him hurriedly.’ Allan…wait, Allan…’ I caught up with him as he was getting inside his car. I held the car door before he closed it. I looked at him. He seemed distant. ‘Allan, does jay have kids?’ I asked him softly. He looked at me and hesitated for a while then buried his face in his hands. ‘mamou…mamou…am not really in a position to tell you anything.’ he then looked at me and asked…’why are you asking? Have you already slept with jay?’ I almost slapped him on the face but instead I looked at him straight in the eyes…’whether I have slept with him or not, that is none of your business. But as far as I know carol told me jay doesn’t have a kid yet, so where are you going?’ I asked still looking at him. ‘who the hell is carol? And how does she know?’ he asked absent-mindedly. ‘that lady inside there. She is jay’s cousin.’ I told him. He started laughing. I could not understand how this human found humor in my words. ‘what’s funny?’ I asked angrily. He kept on laughing then said…’that lady is not jay’s cousin. Jay’s family is based in the US. He is not even Kenyan for heaven sake.’ what? Wait, what did you say? I could not believe what he was saying. He continued ‘Jay happens to live and work here but his whole family is in the US. I have no idea how your friend became his cousin.’ I kept quiet for a while ‘what about his kids?’ I asked. ‘jay has a baby mama who no one knows about, not even his wife. His wife is barren, she cannot bear children.’ he said as he started the car. I stood there not sure of what to do. This was too much for me to digest. ‘Drop me home,’ I told him as I went to the other side and got into the car. ‘are you leaving your friend here?’ he asked looking at me. ‘lets go, I need to change my blood stained clothes first then I will come back in the morning.’ I said waiting for him to start the car…instead he smiled and kissed me in the lips… Okay, what is going on?

Episode 9
I pushed him away…’Allaaaan! What’s wrong with you? Am covered in your friends blood and all you think of is making out? Have some manners for Christ’s sake! Jeez!’ I told him angrily. He looked away and laughed then started the car. Carol suddenly appeared from nowhere and stopped us, ‘wewee, mnaenda wapi? Mamou…seriously? You are leaving me here and you are the reason why this happened? You can’t be serious.’ she opened the back door and got in. ‘shame on you Mamou, leaving me behind. Tulikuja pamoja, tutatoka pamoja.’ she said closing the door. I told Allan to drop us both home. He agreed and drove away.
When we got to the house, I made sure we got in silently so as not to wake up my sister. If she saw me covered in blood, only God knows what would happen. We went straight to my room carol went straight to bed as I freshened up then joined her.
we woke up the following day in the afternoon. I made some lunch as carol freshened up. Thank God she had carried some clothes to change, I couldn’t imagine her putting on the same clothes she had and of course I couldn’t give her mine…this lady was too big. Actually she liked teasing me a lot, because of my small body…i hated it. ‘whats for lunch?’ she asked entering the kitchen. I looked at her and the first thing I saw were my earrings. ‘wewee, ebu rudisha those earrings where you found them before you think of eating,’ she ignored me and reached for a plate. ‘carol, am talking to you, sitakuacha utoke na hizo earrings like the other ones, kuchukua unajua, kurudisha hujui.’ she served herself some rice and stew then told me, ‘if you want your things, just come for them at my place, kwani nilikufukuza? I didn’t carry earrings, I had no other choice.’ I looked at her wishing I could just pluck off her ears and feed them to her. This lady!
After an hour we were on our way back to the hospital. As we entered we could see clearly something was not right. Allan was there, jay’s other friend was there, Jay’s wife was there too but looked kind of angry. There was another lady with a young boy who looked around 17-18 yrs. I must say the boy looked a total photocopy of jay.
When Jay’s wife saw us she sneered and said, ‘behold, the third wife is here, where is her kid, or she forgot to come with him, nkt! She looked away with disgust. Allan came to us and whispered ‘i don’t think this is such a good time, you guys should just go. I will communicate.’ I could tell it wasn’t a good time but I was not about to go anywhere. I was the reason jay was in hospital, that lady can curse and sneer all she wanted. I was not going anywhere. I walked past Allan like he wasn’t there and went to where jay’s other friend was. ‘what is going on? I asked him whispering.’ Jay already got blood, from that young man who is supposedly his son. The woman standing beside him is jay’s supposedly wife. And jay’s wife is not happy about it at all.’ he said in a low tone. I knew what was happening, I just needed clarification. The doctor then walked in and said Jay was stable and he would be discharged the following day, he started walking then turned back and asked, ‘by the way, who is Mamou? The patient keeps mentioning this never ever since he woke up.’ I looked around with guilty eyes. Everyone looked at me with murdering eyes. Including carol… ‘you must be the one,’ the doctor said looking at me. I nodded. He told me to follow him inside the ward. I did.
jay laid on the hospital bed with bandages on the back of his head. He saw me walking in and automatically lit up. ‘i thought he took you with him,’ he said still looking happy. ‘who?’ I asked wondering if the injury on his head affected his brain too. ‘Gerald, who else. Mamou where did you meet that guy?’ he said this time trying to sit up but he couldn’t. He decided to remain in the same position. I told him everything and that I had no idea who Gerald was. He believed me. Just then his wife walked in…’oooh so the first person you wanted to see was your mistress? And what about the woman you have a kid with but never told me about it? Or is it because I couldn’t give you children that you decided to disrespect me like this? Huh?’ She started shouting. The nurses came in and took us both outside. Jays wife was shouting all over cursing. Allan took her, got her into his car and drove away. I stood there looking at carol who seemed confused. She asked me, ‘why did my cousin want to see you?’ I almost slapped her. ‘please carol, he’s not your cousin, give it up already.ebu lets go, jay is okay’. She looked surprised. ‘who told you… ‘ I didn’t let her finish. I started walking away. She followed me.


episode 1
A strange guy came to me and asked me if my phone had power sharing… I did not have the slightest idea what that was, but because I’m not illiterate or dumb,or ever accepting to be called one, I agreed… I started going through my phone, praying and hoping to see a miracle called ‘power sharing’ appear from nowhere…nothing. I decided to play smart. I asked him… ‘Your Battery is low I presume?’ He answered to the affirmative…so I had no way out. I asked him to show me where it was in his phone, so that I could trace it in my phone the same way… He told me, it is somewhere in his phone but he could not trace it because his phone was new and he still doesn’t know how to use it, so if I was kind enough to help him, he will be glad coz I looked like the type who could operate anything… Smart move there. I took his humongous phone which could be mistaken for a tablet, and just one glance at it I knew it will give me trouble, so I gave it back and said I would be glad to help but i can’t, why? that phone requires me to sit and go through it slowly because I was unfamiliar to it…he agreed, then told me to give him my number so that he would call me later, we meet up for coffee as I help him with his phone for he still had so many other things in that phone that he needed help with. Now…now… IF U WANTED MY DAMN NUMBER, WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SAY SO? WHY MESS WITH MY BRAIN?WHY TORTURE ME THIS MUCH? Stupid men !!

episode 2
I looked at this guy…amused an surprised at the same time. I mean…did u have to go such a long way just to get my number? He stood there, smiling sheepishly. He had nice teeth, he was tall, dark, handsome. He had a potbelly but not that big…so that meant he must be well off. I glanced at his fingers just to be sure I was not standing with someone’s husband…no ring. Still wasn’t fully convinced. Married men nowadays don’t wear rings and further more, this guy looked kinda successful. There must be several skirts behind it if he’s brave enough to ask for a lady’s number, who he just met by the roadside. But all in all… It won’t hurt… If he had to go through all that trouble just for my number, I would love to see how far he was willing to go. So I gave him my number…. He dialed it happily and tried calling… ‘Is it ringing?… okay. I will call u later lets say at 5 pm there, when we are both free’. I agreed then started walking away. He called back and said ‘ it was nice meeting you Mamou can’t wait to see u later’…. I smiled and continued walking. Suddenly a thought hit me, I never told this guy my name… How… I looked back, he was nowhere in sight.

episode 3
As I walked to class, all I could think of was…wait a minute, he didn’t even tell me his name. This guy was quite strange. But really, who cares… Is not like I wanted him or something. I went about my daily routine as usual, class, lunch, work. As time went by I kept checking the time, 4.30…5.00 no text, no call… Hmmm, was he messing with me? 5.15…nothing. Okay, I started feeling stupid, why did I even give that jerk my number… Arrrrgggh! 5.30….my phone rang, I checked… Ooh, so he finally decided to call, after a whole 30 minutes ? I did not answer. I sat there… Watching my phone ring, 1 missed call. Ha! He called again… 2 missed calls. … He didn’t give up, he called again… At least now I knew he was desperate enough at the other end. I answered… ‘hello, sorry I’ve been kinda busy, whats up?’ I lied. ‘Mamou, I almost thought for a moment there u were not going pick up my call. (told u he was desperate ).. Where are you? If you are not busy we can meet up, I’m in hotel Cathay, you know where it is? Just after Bontana hotel…’ Hmmm, this guy must be loaded, who goes for coffee at such a hotel? I mean… Hustlers you understand what am talking about here! I told him to give me a few minutes and within thirty minutes, there I was at hotel Cathay. I got to the reception and have him a call… There he was, coming towards me smiling, the same sheepish smile. He led me to where he was seated and pulled the chair for me to sit. He then proceeded to sit directly opposite me. ‘So…what will you have…’ he asked as he raised his hand to call the waiter for an order.’ Wine please…red, dry’. I said smiling. No way I was going to order coffee . As the waiter proceeded to bring my order, this guy started starring at me like was a doll or something. Still smiling he asked me why I had decided on wine, I smiled back and asked him for his phone because that was the main agenda of our meeting. He hesitated for a moment then before he said anything, the waiter was already there with my order. As the waiter walked away, this guy who haven’t even told me his name yet, leaned on the table… Looked at me straight in the eyes and told me, ‘Mamou, I don’t know how to tell u this… Am Allan by the way… ‘, suddenly, I started feeling uneasy… I took one gulp of the wine just to make sure anything that happened which I had a feeling was not going to be normal, would find me half sober… Before he continued talking…a lady walked to our table. She smiled at me and said a huge hello, then faced Allan and said,’ sorry am a little late babe…’ Okay… What was going on? I didn’t notice myself pick up the glass of wine and finished it in a gulp. I had a feeling this was going to be one memorable evening!

episode 4
Allan stood up, hugged the lady and kissed her on the cheek, then he pulled another chair for her to sit. They sat side by side both facing Me directly. The lady looked at me then smiled again, this time I didn’t smile back… All I could think of is, what is going on here? Allan started talking again, this time with his arm around the lady’s shoulder…’Mamou, meet my wife Maria. She was also looking forward to meeting you today…’ what? Okay…i need another glass of wine…. No, not wine this time, whiskey…i stopped him for a moment and ordered another glass, of wine though… I did not want to stagger all the way home because of those two humans seated before me . He continued, ‘as I was saying… Both me and my wife were looking forward to this meeting, I’m sorry I had to lie about the phone thing, am sincerely sorry though I had no other way to convince you to come meet us. So…Mamou, I have…’ he had to pause a bit as the waiter brought my glass…i wished it was a bottle though . As the waiter left, he continued…i have or rather we have known u for the past one year. The first time we saw you was during the miss tourism Kenya competitions at Nakuru sports club, by the way…Maria loved your traditional attire…maria immediately cut in, ‘yeah, I did, u even danced on national television, gal you’ve got guts, I liked…’ she said smiling. This time I had to smile back… Allan went on… We have been watching you, we know where you stay, where u work, your school, I looked you up on facebook and sent u a request. U accepted and….i had to cut in now, this was getting too much. Okay… Why exactly were u two after me? As far as I know im not a criminal or anything, they laughed. Maria looked at me then said… I’m sorry Mamou, its not what u think, me n my husband wanted to add a little fun to our marriage, so we agreed that we should look for a total stranger to be a third intimate party in our marriage’. Waaaaait a minute, wat? More wine please!!! I looked at her blankly and said, woman! wat the fuck are u talking about??…. No, am kidding! I didn’t talk. I looked at them waiting for them to explain wat the hell is a third-party. Allan read my mind… ‘okay, Mamou… In simple terms, me and Maria want a three some with u as the third-party all you have to do is to name your price coz we want a long-term thing, we like you and the far we’ve followed you, we know u are a nice girl though naughty which made us come after u in the first place.’ now… Now…for those who don’t know wat a three some is, u not humans, please go back to where u came from! I stared at them… I couldn’t talk, I was starting to get drunk but I immediately became sober again… I need air…i think am suffocating, I mean….waaaaat??? Jesus christ!!!

episode 5
I looked at both of them. First Allan then Maria. I couldn’t believe what these two were telling me. Yaaaaani, they just looked at me and all they could think of is making me their three some partner??! Then paying me?? Men…that is just… Insane! People who get paid for sex are called prostitutes, and I ain’t going to be one, not now, not ever. My dad took me to school for a reason, and this ain’t one of them! I had to give these two a piece of my mind, ‘look… Allan… I don’t really know what to tell you two. I’m sorry, you two kinda mistook my naughtiness for something else. I don’t do 3 some, 4 some or whatever, kwanza with people I don’t know. And it’s really hurting that you two looked at me n just thought u could make me your sex slave n pay me. As far as am concerned, IV never asked or begged anyone for money, so I dont know where you two got such an idea. Its disappointing… Maria cut in, ‘Mamou, UV got it all wrong… It’s not like that, we haven’t said you are a prostitute or anything, we just wanted to… I didn’t want to hear it, I rose from my seat, took my bag n started walking out, Allan held my hand, ‘Mamou… Can we finish this like mature people? ‘ all the waiters plus the few people who were around started starring. I hate drama, but there is no way am going to sit through this. ‘ Allan, let me go. I dont have time for this madness’. He looked around, hesitated for a while, before he could say anything, Maria stood n held him on the shoulder, ‘let her go, before you cause drama’. He did. I stormed out, not looking behind even for a bit. As I walked out, I could feel all eyes on me. I didn’t care. As I passed through the gate, the soldier raised his hand saying… ‘madam, ndio kutoka sasa, Karibu tena’ i gave him a fake smile n kept walking, ‘madam Ata kachai ka jioni siezi kataa’…this stupid man, if he only knew wat iv just been thru, I swear if he spoke another word i will take off my shoe n throw at him. I ignored him. I took a motorbike hadi home. When i got home, i didn’t talk to anyone, i went straight to my room, closed the door and laid on my bed. Before i could even breathe, my small sister stormed in… ‘wewe falaa, unajilalisha apo na unajua ni wewe unapika? Ebu amsha.’ arrrggggh! My sister…the most annoying human in the entire universe. ‘lyd, aki nipikie, siskii poa. Aki tumbo…ouch, tumbo inaniuma aki,’ i started acting all sick. ‘weeeee, Ata ukufe bdo utapika, umezoea Sana, sikupikii’. This girl can be really difficult sometimes. But i knew wat to do with her. ‘sawa basi, npikie ntakulipa finje’… She automatically lightened up. ‘oooh, sawa. Unaumwa Sana? Acha nkuletee dawa. Pole’ nkt. This gal n money… As she walked out of the room, my phone started ringing, Allan calling… Now wat does this jerk want again?? I thought i made myself clear. I answered… hello, why u still calling me… Before i continued he cut in, ‘ Mamou…listen to me, am really sorry for wat happened earlier, it was all my wife’s idea, please don’t hate me, i beg u… I kept quiet for a bit, okay… Sawa. Just stay away from me. And never follow me again, or else…he didn’t let me finish ‘mamou, how can i do that, iv been in love with you for the longest time, please Mamou, I dont want any three some or whatever, i want you… Please, can i see u tomorrow, please…. I stood there speechless, wat was this married man saying?? Wat is wrong with some people?? Ohh God… Wat was i going to say…

episode 6
I was silent for a while, still undecided on what to tell Allan. I can’t accept to have an affair with a married man, much less a man who just asked me moments ago,to be a three some partner in his marriage… okay, i replied, I will call you tomorrow. I could tell he was happy from his reaction…. ‘thank you very much baraza, u wont regret this, I promise’. I hanged up. Wat did I just do…what’s wrong with me? I can’t… Ahh, whatever…its not like am going to kill anyone or something I convinced myself. I took supper and went straight to bed.
The next morning i woke up as usual. Had classes the whole day. And to say the truth, i never understood a single lecture. I kept flashing back at everything that happened and fantasizing on things that might happen. When i was done with classes, i went back home, changed into a nice sexy dress, then called Allan and told him to meet me at 64launch…a new club in town. I knew i was meeting up with a married man in public, so i had to be careful incase Maria or any of her friends appear from nowhere and bring trouble. I chose a table at the far end where i could see everyone as they came in and went out. Allan did not waste any time, within ten minutes i saw him coming in. I raised my hand smiling… He saw me n came to where i was seated with a big smile on his face. ‘mamouuuu, how are u?’ he offered a hug but i gave him my hand instead. That was just to show him that i don’t trust him yet. He sat beside me. ‘okay… No hug, am good though. So wat are u drinking? I feel like taking some whiskey, had a rather tiresome day’… He then looked at me waiting for me to say something, i looked back and our eyes met. I couldn’t think straight. I wanted to say something but my mind went blank. I tried to talk but words couldn’t come out. No… This is not normal. I shifted my eyes and started gazing at the screen right in front of us. ‘ Baraza…are you okay? ‘ do i look okay? I will be okay if you vanish in the thin air and make me feel at ease! I smiled and said…. Of course i am. How is Maria doing by the way?’ he didn’t expect such a question, i could tell from his reaction. He started calling the waiter… ‘maria is fine….lemme order a drink first.’ the waiter came immediately, ‘please give me a bottle of Jameson, aaand…he looked at me, ‘two glasses and a sprite please’. I said smiling. The waiter went for the order. Allan looked at me surprised, ‘u are taking a soda?’ ‘No, the soda is for diluting our whiskey’…’ooh okay. sorry I didn’t have a chance to apologize for yesterday’s…. Before he was able to finish, some guy walked to our table… ‘Allaaaan! Allan looked up, ‘ahhh, jay! How are u my friend. He stood up n hugged him. Then they started shaking hands, laughing so loudly.. Men . Can’t you just hug n sit, why hug then shake hands? Thts like greeting each other twice! Allan immediately took a chair n asked jay to sit. ‘please join us…’ jay sat directly opposite me, and dayyyyyyymn… This guy was hooooot!! And when I say hot I mean hoooot! Tall, chocolate, broad-shouldered, white eyes, cute hair, best smile iv ever seen, I mean shieeeeet! I dont even know how to describe him. Now now…Mr.Allan im sorry but u just lost me. Your friend here is sooo mine. Whether single, married, divorced, widowed or whatever… I dont care, he is getting it. As jay sat down he looked at me, wooooi, those eyes, I could stare at them the whole night, ‘where are my manners, am sorry…he extended his hand for a hand shake…’am jay…’ I know handsome, I know. No need to waste ur awesomely precious voice. ‘mamou…’ I said looking at him smiling…. He smiled back..

episode 7
As he smiled back…i could feel my heart beat so fast. Iv never felt like this… Since…since, iv just never felt like this! He told Allan with his eyes still fixed on me, ‘allan, I didn’t know u had such a beautiful friend.’ Allan sensed what was going on, he immediately changed the topic…’yah, and where is Joyce? Is she back to the states yet?’…please God let Joyce not be jay’s wife, girlfriend, or kid. I prayed so hard. ‘she is still around, what are you guys having? I’m buying,’ he started looking around for a waiter…’no, no..i just ordered us whiskey, don’t worry I got it all covered’. Allan immediately stopped him. Okay… Is it me or this two guys really want to pay for drinks? Sasa ningekua Vera sidika si wangeninunulia, wanikunywishe na wanirudishie change Ata before I pay! Men….. Our drinks came…we all drank whiskey including jay. He added another bottle just to make sure he also contributed. The night got lively. We danced though Allan never let me go anywhere near jay, every time I stood to dance, he was on his feet too, dancing with me. Sometimes I stood intentionally just for fun to see how long he could keep up with me. Every time I tried talking to jay…allan had all his ears there. Stupid man . Sometimes he would just hold me close whenever he noticed jay looking at me… I wished so many times for him to just vanish in the thin air…im surprised God decided to ignore my reques. As time went on, Allan grew tired and insisted that we should go. Well, the good thing with hanging out with a married man, he had to go back home to his wife, nothing like ‘hey, let’s go have a good time at my place’ on the first date…or ever . We started leaving though jay dint want us to leave…u know why ,. ‘am sorry jay, but my lady here has to be up early tomorrow, right baraza?’ Allan said looking at me. I smiled… Though inside I was cursing so hard, arrrgh. No number, no kiss, no hug… Shit! As we walked back I looked back at jay, he winked… Hahaa, I almost melted.
Allan drove me home. Before I got out of the car, he insisted on a kiss… I gave him one though it felt like I was kissing our dog Cisco, arrgh .
‘i will call you tomorrow, gudnyt ‘ he told me as I got out. Gudnyt …i replied.
That night as I laid in bed all I could think of is jay. That guy! I had to get his number no matter what. But how…i had an idea! Ohh damn, im so bad… But really, I needed that number, even if it meant stealing allan’s phone just to get it, I will…

episode 8
The following day, Allan called me very early in the morning. ‘hey baraza, how was your night?’ he asked, ‘ Allan, we’ve been together almost the whole night, why should u wake up early to ask me how it was again?’i asked. C’mon baby, easy…am I seeing you today after work? …i don’t understand why Allan wanted to see me daily, but it was the only way I could get hold of jay’s number. ‘yeah… No problem, lemmi know when you are out of work’, and with that, he agreed then hanged up.
It was on a Friday, every one seemed to be in a good mood all over, u would think people get paid double on Fridays…i went to work first coz my classes were in the afternoon. I didn’t have enough energy though coz I had one nasty hangover. When my time for classes finally reached, I decided to walk to school just to exercise my body. After walking for like twenty minutes, something very weird happened, I saw jay…directly opposite the road from where I was. I was soo happy, finally!! God just answered my prayers ! I waved at him…he didn’t wave back, he looked kinda confused or something. I waved again, I could bet on anything he was seeing me…but he pretended he didn’t. I decided to cross the road and go talk to him, he started walking in a hurry. He was going to his car I noticed. I immediately crossed the road and followed him to his car. He got in and before he started the car, I was already there, ‘wewe jay am waving at you unajifanya hunioni?’ he looked up, frightened… And answered in a shaky voice…’ooh pole, sikua nmekuona… Before he finished talking I looked inside the car. There was a lady seated beside jay, looking at me…straight in the eyes. I froze…

episode 9
I didn’t know whether to run, say hi or just stand there. But with the way she was looking at me, no way am saying hi… I decided to play smart before all hell broke loose… ‘btw… I wanted you to give me Allan’s other number, he has been off all morning and I need him to pick something from my shop. Do you have it?’ I asked jay , he automatically knew I was aware of what was going on. He started searching for his phone.. then stopped and said… I dont think I have his other number, sorry… ‘ooh, okay.’ I replied and immediately left. My heart was beating so fast, my mind wasn’t thinking straight…i almost got hit by a bike of a guy selling “waru na ngoko”… That guy stopped his bike n looked at me surprised…’madam, sasa Ata hutaki kuangalia mbele, nikikugonga na hii baiskeli yangu na sina insurance, kutaenda aje? ‘ I looked at him n said sorry… Then continued walking, not daring to look back. I couldn’t believe it. Arrrrrgh!!! I felt like removing all my clothes and run around screaming n beating up people who dared to look at me. I was so mad. I was on my way to class but I changed my mind. I’m not going to class anymore coz I won’t even concentrate. I decided to call Allan and see if he was free so that we could meet up. I dialed his number and called… He didn’t pick up. Frustrated, I called again. He didn’t pick up. I wrote him a text asking him if he was around town we meet up… No response. I called again, this time it was answered, but it’s not Allan who answered it. I heard a woman’s voice on the other end, ‘hello…Am sorry Allan is not available at the moment’, ‘ frustrated I asked, where is he and why u answering his calls?’ she answered quite rudely… He is in the bathroom taking a shower and am his girlfriend Sofia, do u have any problem with that??’ I hanged up…. Oh God, why have u forsaken me? Allan has a wife n a girlfriend! Its lunchtime for heaven sake, why the hell was he taking a shower at his girlfriend’s place… Noooo! Noooooooo! Noooooooooooooo!!!


Episode 1;
Her tall body, fair skin, perfect hair, gorgeous eyes and an hour glass figure, was enough to drive any man in his right mind completely insane. A 22 year old Nela had just completed her studies at Egerton university as a business management student and was now thinking of looking for a job.
As she sat outside her mother’s house at the outskirts of Nakuru, she couldn’t help thinking about her boyfriend Nick. The two met months before through social media. It all started when Nick liked one of Nela’s photos and commented ‘I would make this lady my wife if given the chance..’ under the photo…and as they say, the rest is history. Now they were sweethearts, so much in love with nothing stopping them from being together, except well… the fact that both of them lived in their parents houses. Nela couldn’t help but smile when she thought of Nick, she didn’t even notice her mother coming from the opposite side… ‘what are you smiling about?’ her mother asked looking at her like she had lost her mind. Nela stood up and started walking back to the house. ‘I am talking to you young lady’, her mother stopped her, ‘instead of sitting down basking like a pregnant woman smiling at every fly that flies by, you are supposed to go out there and look for a job. I took you to school, now that you have completed your studies do you also expect me to help you look for a job? And why is this house so dirty?’ she asked as she peeped inside the house, ‘i pay for your school fees, I buy your food, I make sure you lack nothing, now am i also supposed to be your house help?’ Nela quickly dashed into the house and started making herself busy. ‘Dear lord, what kind of sheep did you give me in the name of children? Useless human beings!’ she walked into the house complaining to no one in particular. ‘Chris!! where are you? What did I tell you about mama Njeri’s housegirl… She shouted looking for Nela’s brother who was nowhere in sight.
Nela hated living at home. Her mother would never let her stay in peace. She needed to find a job and move out or else she would go mad. But where will she begin, how will she begin, she thought to herself. Just then her phone rang… ‘hello, is this Nela Davis?…’ yes it is, Nela replied with a confused look. ‘ I was referred to you by Miss. Ann Chege, One of our employees. We are a new company in Molo town, looking for…. As the man on the other end continued talking, Nela felt weak. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. A job? Without a single shed of sweat? It just came to her. This was more than luck…this was a miracle! ‘…we have scheduled an interview tomorrow at 10:00am, please avail yourself without fail.’ The man said before hanging up…
Nela stood there smiling in disbelief, was this a new beginning? Was she finally going to be free from her mother’s chains? She dialled Nick’s number happily, she couldn’t wait to tell him the good news.

Episode 2;
Ring…ring…ring…’hallo..’ finally Nick answered. ‘Hey babe, why did you take so long to answer my call?’ Nela asked playfully, ‘or are you cheating on me with someone over there…’ she said laughing. Nick brushed her off and asked ‘why are you calling?’ as Nela was just about to answer, she heard a baby crying from Nick’s background. ‘Who’s baby is that?’ she asked quickly. Nick went silent for some few seconds then hanged up.
Nela stood there wondering what was going on. She felt angry all of a sudden. Why was Nick behaving strangely? Why didn’t he answer her when she asked about the baby? So many questions ran through her mind. She decided to go and see Nick the following day just after she was done with her interview. Suddenly her brother Chris stormed into the house…’where is mum? Is she in a bad mood? What did she tell you?’ he kept asking Nela without giving her time to answer as he kept peeping along the corridor and outside the door. Nela stood there looking at her brother. Before she could say anything, Nela’s mother appeared from Chris’s back and grabbed him by the neck. ‘coooome here you stupid boy! How many house girls are you going to impregnate before you feel you’ve become a man? Today am going to cut that thing off with a panga…’ nooo, Chris shouted struggling to free himself, I can explain, it wasn’t my fault…’ as he kept struggling, he missed a step and they both went tumbling down. Nela watched in disbelief. Chris shot up as fast as he could but before he could start running, his mother held his leg and bit it. Arrrrrgh! Chris screamed with pain. ‘where do you think you are going? Help me get up before I cut you in pieces with my teeth…Nela, what are you staring at, help me up, and if your brother manages to run away, you should also disappear. I didn’t give birth to the both of you to kill me in this house! I will kill you before you kill me, help me up!’ she shouted. Nela quickly went and helped her mother get up as she held Chris with her right hand. Chris knew he had to run or else he was going to face it. He bit Nela’s hand and stormed out of the house like a mad man. Nela’s mother shouted after him…’Never come back here you stupid good for nothing idiot, I will kill you! Like father like son, I will castrate you with my own hands. Fooool! she then looked at Nela furiously and walked away without another word. This was the kind of life Nela lived. Her mother who was always furious at everyone because their father left them for another woman and her brother who never let a single skirt pass him without wanting to know what is beneath it. She was tired. She had to get that job no matter what and just move out. But she had not said a single word to anyone about it because everyone in her world seemed to be too busy for her. She decided to tell everyone when it was time for her to move out of her mother’s house.
The following day Nela showed up for the interview very early in order to show her employee how much she needed that job. She did the interview and passed. She was to report to work in two days time after she had settled. She felt happy though she had no one to share her happiness with. She had tried calling Nick severally without any luck. On her way back home she stopped by Nick’s place to see if she could finally talk to him. Nick’s parents were never around, they worked in different towns. Nick lived with his elder brother who was also never around. She knocked on the door and waited…finally someone opened, a young lady holding a baby… ‘Can I help you? She asked.Nick appeared behind the lady and stared at Nela looking uneasy.

Episode 3
Nela looked at the lady then at Nick. ‘can I have a word with you?’ she said looking at Nick. The lady turned around and looked at Nick straight in the eyes, then asked, ‘Who is she?’ Nick did not answer. Instead he walked out and told Nela to follow him. Nela looked confused. ‘Nick, what is going on? Who is she?’ Nela asked still not moving. Nick grabbed Nela’s hand and dragged her away. ‘look, I don’t have time to explain anything, just go back home I will come see you tomorrow and explain everything, please’. He said to Nela and without another word he left her standing there and rushed back to the house. Nela stood there dumbfounded. What the hell is going on? She asked herself in disbelief. Tears started running down her cheeks. It all seemed like a bad dream. She turned around and went away. She kept walking,facing forward not daring to look back. Tears still running down her cheeks. Anyone who saw her would have thought she was a zombie or something judging from the way she walked.
When Nela managed to get home, she went straight to her room and laid down on her bed. She felt like no one else existed. Suddenly her mother opened the door to her room and peeped in. ‘Nela, where were you the whole morning? I have been looking for you all over.’ she asked looking at her with a concerned look. ‘are you okay?’ ‘are you pregnant?’ Nela stood up and looked at her mother then said ‘i have managed to get a job in molo town in some business firm and I am supposed to report the day after tomorrow’. Her mother looked at her suspiciously… ‘i have never seen someone mourning after being blessed with a job, are you sure you are not just looking for a way to run away?’ she asked inspecting her flat tummy from where she stood. ‘no mum, am very much okay, am just tired because of the journey’. She said then went back to her bed. ‘well, if you are saying the truth that is good. Finally you will make something out of your useless life.’ she said walking away without minding to close the door.
Early the next morning Nela packed up all her belongings and left without saying goodbye to anyone. She was going to stay with her friend Ann until she was able to secure her own place. Ann worked at the same firm so that made things much easier. When Nela arrived at Ann’s place, the door was wide open… she found her seated with her boyfriend watching a movie, smoking weed and drinking what seemed to be whisky. It was a one bed roomed apartment so Nela was supposed to share a bed with Ann until she moved out. Judging from how things looked, she will have to sleep in the sitting room as Ann already had company. ‘Cooome iiin Nelaaaa,’ Ann said happily when she saw Nela standing at the door. She started giggling as she stood up and staggered to where Nela was… ‘thank God you got that jooob.’ she hugged her and helped her carry her suitcase. She kept tripping from time to time as she made her way to where Nela assumed to be the bedroom. The room was full of smoke. Nela stood there looking at Ann’s boyfriend as he was trying to pour himself another drink with so much difficulty that he gave up and started drinking from the bottle. He then looked at Nela and smiled sheepishly, then waved and said ‘hi, am Kim, as in kimani, but you can just call me Kim or kimani or as you wish, you know…’. What is this human saying? Nela asked herself as she stared at Ann’s boyfriend like he had horns on top of his head. Ann staggered back and told Nela to have a seat and pour herself a drink. Kim offered Nela the bottle but she declined. ‘is there a place around here where I can go have a drink as I leave you two love birds to enjoy each other’s company?’ Nela asked Ann.’You’ve just arrived and you want to leave again? Or you have a date eeeeh’ Ann said smiling like a mad woman. ‘No, I just want to sit down and think, that’s all’. Nela replied impatiently. Kim looked at Nela then at Ann, ‘sweety you are too drunk, stop asking your friend too many questions, Nela…is that your name?’ he did not wait for her to answer, ‘Just go straight when you get out of the gate then turn left. You will see a club by the name ‘sambaland’ go in and do whatever you want there’ he then took another gulp of the whisky he was holding in his hand. ‘oooh, and feel free to bring back with you another bottle of this’…he raised up the bottle for Nela to see clearly. Ann started laughing uncontrollably.’ Don’t mind him Nella,this idiot is drunk’, she said still laughing. Nella brushed her off with a fake smile and stood up. ‘i will give you a call in case of anything’, she told Ann as she left.
Nela followed the direction given and within no time she was standing outside ‘club sambaland’. Molo seemed to be a nice place, though a little cold. She walked into the club and went straight to where the counter was and sat down then ordered a drink. She didn’t look around the place when she got in, she didn’t feel like it. All she wanted was to drink and think. Suddenly she had a pat on her back. she turned around and automatically lit up…

Episode 3
‘victor!!’ she stood up and hugged him. ‘what are you doing here? Do you live around here?’ she asked excitedly. ‘Hey Nela, how are you?’ he asked looking at her straight in the eyes. Victor used to attend the same campus as Nela but he was two semesters ahead of her. He used to be that guy every lady yearned for. Tall, chocolate, muscular,sexy eyes. Nela used to look at him and just wonder how could God create such a fine piece of art. I mean, this guy was beyond gorgeous. Too bad he used to have such a psycho girlfriend who would stab you in the eyes if she happened to catch you looking at her man suggestively. ‘I am doing good, come sit with me. Who are you with?’she asked him looking around. ‘i am alone. I just walked in and you were the first person I saw’, he said as he pulled the chair…’ I must say I can never forget that body in a hundred years.’ he added looking at her. She blushed and looked away. ‘so what you drinking?’ he asked as he held the bottle of wine in front of her examining it. Nela saw a ring on his finger. ‘you are married?’ she asked sounding surprised. He looked at her then looked away. ‘something like that,lately I have been regretting why I rushed into marriage, its hell!’ he said twisting the ring on his finger. ‘well, forget about your wacky marriage and let’s have a good time, what do you say?’ she asked smiling. ‘deal!’ he replied excitedly. He ordered a beer and drank as they continued chatting. Nela stood up and danced from time to time and sometimes forced Victor to dance with her. She was having such a good time laughing, dancing, singing along to the music playing that she didn’t notice the time.’ Aren’t you going to work tomorrow?’ victor asked her after noticing the time. ‘Nela looked at her watch, ooh no, it was 3:30am. ‘i need to go’, she said as she reached for her purse to pay her bill. Victor stopped her, ‘no, let me..’ he reached for his wallet and paid both their bills. ‘can I drop you home?’ he asked her. She smiled and said ‘sure, it’s not far from here…’ he smiled and led the way, Nela followed from behind. He opened the car door for her. She got in then he closed it and went to the other side, got in and immediately started the car. She gave him directions to Ann’s place and within a few minutes they were outside the gate. He stopped the car then turned and looked at her…’ I don’t feel like leaving you,’ he said looking at her with his amazingly awesome eyes. She felt like she was melting inside. She was tipsy and that made the feeling worse. She looked away then back at him and before she knew it, his lips were on hers. They kissed each other hungrily. His hands were all over her body. He slipped his hands under her dress and felt her smooth thighs. She immediately got off from her seat and got on top of him. She helped him remove his jacket then his shirt. He then lifted up her dress and squeezed her ass. He felt her tits on his mouth and immediately became hard… He wanted her so bad. As if she read his mind, she reached for his manhood…within a few seconds mourns could be heard coming from inside the car.
Early the next morning, Nela was woken up by Ann as she was getting ready for work. ‘hey… You were so drunk when you came in, did you have company? I heard a car leave as I opened the gate for you. I knew you had a date, why didn’t you welcome him in?’ she asked as she ate her breakfast hurriedly. Nela did not feel like talking. She looked around then checked the time. Its 7:30 in the morning. She checked her phone, 6 missed calls from Chris. Ooh no! They were supposed to meet the previous day. She looked at Ann, ‘where is your boyfriend?’ she asked looking around. ‘He went back to his place yesterday just after you left, we has an argument and he immediately left’ she said taking her purse. ‘settle down, unpack your stuff, feel at home. We will meet in the evening and be ready to tell me how things went down. I want to know who that guy is who dropped you here’, and with that she was gone. Nela sat up on the bed, and dialled Nick’s number, ring…ring…he immediately picked up. ‘babe…i have been trying to reach you since yesterday, your mother told me you moved to molo…’ she cut in, ‘what did you want to tell me Nick?’ he hesitated for a while then asked ‘are you free today? We need to talk, I can come to where you are.’ She looked around then immediately gave him directions to Ann’s place. She then freshened up and arranged her stuff. She wasn’t going to let Nick know she was out drinking the previous night and worse off, she was with another man…

Episode 4;
knock, knock…Nela was woken up by a knock on the door. She had dozed off as she was watching a movie waiting for Nick. She quickly went to the door and opened it. ‘you are finally here…what took you so long?’ she said as she went back to her seat. Nick entered and closed the door behind him. ‘i have missed you, a simple hug would do you no harm’. He said still standing looking at Nela smiling. Nela looked up at him and sneered, ‘now you want a hug but when I came to your place you almost threw me out of the gate? Please! Do what brought you here and leave, I don’t have the whole day to sit here and listen to you.’ she took her phone and pretended to be texting someone. Nick walked to where she was and knelt down before her. He took her hand and kissed it then looked at her and said, ‘you mean the world to me Nela, I am sincerely sorry for what happened, I never meant to treat you the way I did, you know I love you…right?’ Nela looked at him, he seemed so sincere, she hugged him tightly until they fell down on the floor. They started laughing still holding each other. ‘i love you too Nick, but who…’ Nick put his index finger on Nela’s mouth ‘shhhhh, I don’t like it when we fight babe’…he said kissing her on the lips, then on the chin, down on the neck, down to her tummy… Nela didn’t object. She let him. ‘iv missed you Nela,’ Nick whispered to her, still kissing her all over. Nela stopped him, stood up and led him to the bedroom where they made love all afternoon. As they both laid on the bed, tired from all the love-making, Nick started talking. ‘Nela I need to tell you something,’ Nela smiled and looked at him passionately. ‘you can tell me anything babe, what is it?’ she said still smiling. Nick didn’t smile back…’The lady you saw in our house the other day with a kid used to be my girlfriend before I met you. She is back with the kid claiming am the father. Our families know each other well so I have no way out of this one. They want me to marry her.’ Nela froze. ‘what? Wait…what did you say?’ Nela sat up on the bed and looked at Nick who still laid on the bed saying nothing. ‘you had to wait until we had sex for you to tell me all this? What the hell?’ she got up and started dressing up… Nick saw it wise to do the same. ‘please leave,’ Nela told him and without another word she stormed out of the room. Nick followed her pleading. ‘Nela please, let us talk about this like mature people. Come on, stop being so difficult.’ Nela took her phone, turned around and threw it at him with all force, he missed. ‘i said get the hell out before I take a knife and stab you right on the throat!’ Nick didn’t move… He looked at Nela with pleading eyes. Nela immediately made her way to the kitchen shouting, ‘i swear I’m going to slice out your throat Nick, you think am joking right? Let me find you there…’ Nick peeped and saw her coming back holding a kitchen knife. He didn’t have to be shown where the door was, he stormed out like a mad man leaving his jacket behind. Nela took the jacket and threw it at him shouting, ‘take that with u, stupid man! Never call or text me or even come near me, I will kill you, fool! I hate you!’ neighbors who were outside stared in disbelief. Nela looked at them and without another word she went into the house and closed the door behind her.
Nela put the knife down and sat on the floor. She started crying. She felt bitter. How can Nick do this to her? It’s not fair. But what could she do? She had to pull herself together and start her life again. At least God blessed her with a job away from home. That was enough to help her start a fresh. She wiped the tears off her face, got up and went to the kitchen to fix herself something to eat.
Several weeks passed. Nela started her new job. Everything was fine, her colleagues at work were wonderful people. She never mentioned a word about what happened to Ann neither did the neighbors. She decided to forget about everything and never talk about it at all. It was on a Monday morning, They were both getting ready for work. Nela took breakfast while Ann was dressing up. Suddenly Nela started feeling sick. She felt like throwing up. She rushed to the bathroom and started throwing up. Ann looked at her wondering. ‘Nela, are you okay?’ she asked her as she made her way to where she was. ‘Are you sick Nela? But you were okay when we woke up. What did you eat?’ Nela looked at her weakly. ‘I’m not sure, but I’m not feeling so good.’ she said as she held her tummy. ‘what is that smell?’ she asked looking at Ann disgustingly. Ann started looking around, ‘what smell? I don’t smell anything bad.’ Nela pushed her away, ‘which perfume is that?’ she started throwing up again.’ Ann stood there startled. ‘But I have been using this perfume since you knew me, what is wrong with you? Wait… Her eyes lit up, are you pregnant Nela?’ Nela immediately looked up, what?!

Episode 5;
No…no…i can’t be pregnant. Oh God, I just started my life a fresh, how…no. Nela kept telling herself as she sat on her desk at work. She had a lot of work to do but her thoughts wouldn’t let her work in peace. She kept counting her days over and over again until she got mixed up. She couldn’t concentrate at all. What if she was really pregnant, who will be the father of her child? She slept with two men consecutively and She never used protection on both. How could she be so damn stupid. She decided to take the day off, go for a pregnancy test and just get it over with. She texted Ann to let her know what she was up to and left.
As Nela walked to the nearby chemist to buy a pregnancy kit, she felt weak. She couldn’t imagine raising a kid on her own. She didn’t have her own house yet. Her mother on the other hand would murder her in cold blood. Where will she start. Who might be the father? No…she can’t get pregnant. She was not ready.
She walked into the chemist and bought the kit then hurried home. When she got to the house, she went straight to the bathroom and did the necessary then closed her eyes and waited to prove if her worst nightmare was going to become a reality. As she closed her eyes, she kept praying and praying for the results to be negative. After 2 minutes she opened her eyes only to come face to face with her biggest fear… THE RESULTS WERE POSITIVE. She walked slowly to the bedroom leaving the kit behind on the bathroom sink and laid on the bed facing upwards. She stared blankly at the white ceiling not sure if she was supposed to cry, laugh, call someone, kill herself or just lay there doing nothing.
‘Nela…Nela…wake up,’ Nela looked up confused. Ann stood beside her holding the kit in her left hand. She looked at the kit then at Ann then sat up on the bed hugging her legs together. Ann sat at the edge of the bed and looked at her. ‘Nela, who is the father?’ she asked her silently. Tears started rolling down Nela’s cheeks as she narrated to her how the whole thing happened. ‘Nela why didn’t you take emergency contraceptives, now what are we going to do?’ she asked reaching for Nela’s hand. ‘stop crying and let us think of the way forward, it has already happened so stop crying like a small girl.’ she stood up and went to the sitting room then came back holding two blunts of weed and a lighter. She gave one of them to Nela then put the other one in her mouth and lit it. She then directed the lighter to Nela’s mouth waiting for her to light her’s…she did. They smoked in silence though Nela was not used to smoking weed so she would cough uncontrollably then continue smoking. After several puffs, Ann looked at Nela smiling then sat upright and asked her, ‘do you want to keep the baby?’ Nela looked up, ‘i don’t know Ann. I really don’t know.’ Ann continued…’I know you don’t want to, coz you don’t even know who your baby’s father is, not to mention your mum’s reaction when she finds out. Your baby is only several weeks old so it has not even started forming yet, this is what you are going to do,’…she reached for Nela’s phone, ‘call victor and inform him that you are pregnant with his kid, and because he is married and you don’t want to ruin his marriage he should send you abortion money. Then call Nick and do the exact same thing, hurry.’ Nela looked at Ann like she had lost her mind. ‘well, do you want to keep a fatherless baby with a bitter grandma?’ Ann told her sharply. Nela quickly took the phone and dialled victor’s number. ‘hallo…hi victor…where are you?…ohh great…yes am okay…no, I’m just indoors…’ Ann pinched her on the thighs, ‘tell him already,’ she whispered. Ammm…yes, I need to tell you something victor, I am pregnant with your kid,’ there was silence for a while then the line went dead. Nela looked at Ann with astonishment. Ann told her to call him again, she did…his phone was off. ‘well, he didn’t take the news so well it seems,’ Nela said as she continued smoking. ‘what did you expect, he’s a married man and all you had was a quickie in his car.’ Ann told her. Nela felt guilty and stupid all at once. ‘call Nick,’ Ann told her, am sure he cannot handle two kids from two different women, he will agree to send you the money, call him.’ Nela dialed Nick’s number and waited… ‘Hello, Nick…hey, yes am good…no, am perfectly okay…yes I just got home but I have rather disturbing news…i think am pregnant… ‘Nela silently held the phone as Ann looked at her anxiously. After some few seconds, Nela hanged up and looked at Ann with murdering eyes. ‘what?’ Ann asked looking anxious…’Nick is happy and wants me to keep the baby!’ she said as she got out of the bed. ‘what?!’

Episode 6;
Days became weeks, weeks became months. Nela’s tummy started growing bigger. She didn’t want to kill her baby, neither did she want to keep a fatherless baby. She didn’t know what to do with her life. Ever since she moved in with Ann, she had never gone to visit her mum and she wasn’t going to do that anytime soon. If her mother ever got to know what mess she put herself in, she would strangle her with her bare hands. Nick on the other hand had promised to support her child but never even called to know how she was doing. Everytime Nela called Nick, he would give an excuse and tell her that he would call her back later which he never did. Victor was nowhere to be found too. Ann, her closest friend and housemate seemed not to like the idea that she is not making any move concerning her pregnancy. She was no longer friendly as she used to be, and she even suggested that Nela should move out and find a place of her own already. Her whole world was in a total mess.

one evening as she got home from work, Nela received a call from her mum. Her mum rarely called her at that time of the month. She wondered if everything was okay back at home. ‘Hello mum’, she answered anxiously, ‘hey Nela, I was calling to know if you were doing okay after receiving the news’…Nela’s heart immediately started racing. ‘ what are you talking about mum? What news?’ she asked feeling worried. ‘Haven’t you heard that your stupid boyfriend is having a wedding tomorrow? People thought he was going to marry you and kept asking for you. I told you Nela, that man was good for nothing and you thought I was just a bad mother. Thank your lord he never got you pregnant and dumped you…’ before she could finish, Nela hanged up. No…this can’t be, she kept saying to herself. She felt anger rise from deep within, she could not control herself. She Screamed bitterly and threw her phone towards the door with anger which happened to hit Ann on the right eye as she was making her way to where Nela was when she heard the sudden scream. ‘aaaaaaarggh!’ She let out an ear piercing scream holding her eye. Nela looked at her surprised and Confused all at once. ‘im sorry Ann’, she said making her way to where Ann was. ‘leave me the hell alone’, Ann pushed Nela away as she tried to hold her. ‘Nela am fed up with you. I don’t want to leave with you anymore, next time you are going to kill me in my own house. Tomorrow I want you out of this house with that stupid child you are carrying. I gave you an easy way out but you keep acting like a fool. Please, find another place to go by tomorrow…’ and with that she went away holding her swollen face leaving Nela behind. Nela sat down without a single word. What the hell was she going to do? Where was she going to start? Ooh God.

Episode 7;
The following morning Nela was woken up by noises coming from the bedroom. She had dozed off on the couch the previous night after crying her heart out. She made her way to the bedroom to check what was going on only to find Ann packing what seemed to be her stuff. ‘Ann, I said I was sorry, come on. You are my friend, you can’t just throw me out.’ Nela started pleading with Ann. She ignored her and kept parking her stuff. Nela sat on the bed and looked at Ann who was still putting her clothes and shoes in her suitcases. ‘Nick is getting married today.’ She said looking down. Ann stopped and looked at her for some few seconds then continued parking, ‘i told you to do an abortion a long time ago, you thought I was joking. I know men, they are evil creatures Nela. You were stupid enough to believe Nick will father your baby, now you are going to suffer all alone. I hope you have saved enough money to find a place to stay, you were only to stay here temporarily, its time for you to go.’ Tears started running down Nela’s cheeks. The only person she could count on doesn’t want anything to do with her now. Her world had completely fallen apart. Ann carried both her suitcases and took them outside then came back and gave her a piece of paper with a number written on it. ‘Call that number, tell that person I sent you. She happens to know some vacant place you can rent. Goodbye, please leave.’ Nela looked at Ann with pleading eyes but Ann looked away to avoid her eyes. Without another word, Nela stood up and left. Ann banged the door behind her and locked it from inside. Nela sat down on the verandah and started thinking… How on earth was she going to start? At least she still had her job. She had to get her life together and deal with her problems. She might be carrying a fatherless baby, but it was her own flesh and blood and there was no way she was going to kill her baby.Victor and Nick can go to hell for all she cared. She was going to fight to the end. Her mother can kill her if she wanted to, she didn’t care anymore…and with that she stood up and picked up her suitcases. She walked to the main road and took a taxi. She asked around for vacant houses and luckily she found one single house some few meter from where she worked. She couldn’t call the number Ann had given her because she no longer wanted anything to do with Ann. She had some money in her account to sustain her till her next pay. She bought some few necessities like a stove, mattress, sheets and a basin. She was determined to make things work, she was determined to stop hurting and start a fresh. She had made a mistake, but she won’t let the stupid mistake keep her down for the rest of her life. She was going to make it…she must…she will.